Knockturn Academy Lore is Recruiting!

The lore team needs new members like you!

Do you like writing? Do you like going to classes? Do you love completing quests?

TLDR; The lore team is looking for new members.

We are currently in the middle of probably our largest project ever, which is rewriting the lessons. When we are finished, each subject and each year will have brand new lessons that are more interesting and interactive than the current lessons.

Although we are the biggest staff team in KnockturnMC and are working extremely hard, this is still a large undertaking for us.

In order to accomplish this, we are looking for more lore members! While we are primarily needing more lessons writers, we welcome ALL lore applicants, whether you are more interested in quests or lessons. In fact, lesson writers will use quests as well!

The lore team is also working on new and upcoming projects, particularly involving quests! For example, the quests you see during the monthly events are designed by our event team and written by the lore team!

Textbooks/Lessons: Write textbooks and lessons in JSON format. Research material and synthesize original and researched information. Write the synthesized material in an engaging and informative way. In lessons, utilize dialogue, plot, and characters.

Quests: Write quests in JSON format. Utilize dialogue, plot, and characters to tell stories in quests and progress a player’s experience and the server’s lore.

JSON format may sound intimidating, but we have forms where all you do is input your content and it formats the content for you. We also have guides and videos explaining how everything works.

Even if you think you aren’t a good writer, the lore team still has a place for you! We do lots of brainstorming, editing, and concept development as well as writing.

We do use Git and Gitea, but we have brand new videos and tutorials on this as well.

Application Requirements: There is no year or age requirement for the lore team. After being accepted, you will have to pass a writing test.

Feel free to ask any questions on this post and to apply, make a new topic in the Staff Applications category. You can also ask questions in the #ask-lore-team channel on Discord!


-Haley King and the lore team