Knockturn Arts [April 2019]

You probably guessed it before opening this post and you probably guessed it right…

:tada: Knockturn Arts is Back! :tada:

For those who have never heard or participated or simply forgot what Knockturn Arts is here’s a summary:

Knockturn Arts:

Used to be a monthly event run by staff where everyone is invited to participate and have a chance to show your skills by submitting drawings, paintings, digital art, video projects, animations, sculptures, poems, songs, comics and etc in relation to one of the set themes provided!


  • All submissions must be appropriate
  • Submissions must follow one of the themes provided
  • Please don’t steal other people’s work
  • You may only submit one entry per person
  • And the winner (1st place) for the event cannot participate in the next but will be able to do so in the one after. (this shouldn’t affect anyone atm due to the last one before months ago)


  • 1st Place = 150 Galleons OR a SPELL SCROLL
  • 2nd Place = 100 Galleons
  • 3rd Place = 50 Galleons

Sounds fun right? Well here’s How to participate:

You have to follow the themes and post your drawing as a reply below, in the following the format:

Username (IGN): BBTea12
RP Name: Smol Owen
Name of your drawing: A Cloud
Picture of drawing:


This Month’s Themes:

  • A “normal” day on KnockturnMC
  • Something wicked this way comes
  • Spring Break at Hogwarts
  • Flying High

Entries Close on 25th of April - 11:59pm EST!

[Winners Announced on the 30th]

Good Luck! And reminder you don’t have to be an amazing artist. This is about your creativity so go wild and importantly have fun!


Username (IGN): Sjofin
RP Name: Melody Quintin
Name of your poem: The Eyes (PS: This is supposed to follow the something wicked comes this way theme)
I hear a whisper at the door
If it was a Gryff you would hear them Roar
What could be happening at this time?
Little did I know soon trouble would be mine.

I went to see who it was whispering
My eyes caught something slithering
A wicked snake looked at me
A look so searing it stung like a bee

The snake went away
My thoughts swirled
All I knew was that something wicked comes this way
I knew it was from another world

Darkness spun in the skies
Looking back at you with glaring eyes
A chill ran down my spine
Darkness wanted me to lose my mind

I ran for help, running as fast as could
Running so fast I ran into someone
I told them what was happening…
But I misunderstood.

The person in the long cloak stood tall
A wand pointed in my face
I heard as I felt my mind erase
“Gone is the world…all in all”


Username (IGN): Bambae
RP Name: Bambi Bell
Name of your drawing: A normal day in global
Picture of drawing:


Uername: Muzika
RP Name: Jordan Owen
Theme: Flying High

Above all

High above the clouds he rests,
Flying high above all, careful lest
he slip and fall, fall, fall all the way down
down to the ground.

Each student turns to no more than an ant,
He flies, the wind in his hair, his mind in a trance.
His broom becomes a part of him, and he wanders.
Wanders on the broom thinking about the end.

Thoughts streak through his mind,
Some of them dark and others kind.
He whispered to his broom “Take me,
take me to a place where I have never been.”

And that it did. Down it soared.
For a moment he thought it was the end, dear lord.
Down he spun, out of the cotton candy clouds and down
down past the trees and around the thick swirly foliage.

In a wisp of wind he was somewhere he had never been.
He was at the mouth of a cave, somewhere unseen.
He took a breath and laid down on the stone.
And on that stone he fell asleep for the last time.


Username (IGN): Defenestrationn
RP Name: Lily Booth
Name of your drawing: Huffle seeker (I hear they’re good finders)
Theme: Flying High
So I wasn’t gonna do the comp until I started drawing to distract my friend from studying, so here’s the result loll (double click the photo for the full thing)


Username (IGN): SkinnySatyr
RP Name: Dean Lestrange
Name of your drawing: Final Astronomy Class
Theme: Flying High
Picture of drawing:
It’s here but the file is too big owo


Thanks to all those who submitted their entries!!! Results will be popping up on the 30th so keep your eyes peeled! :eyes:


Hi sorry for the delay!

Here are the results! There were a lot of different and amazing submissions this round and the judges had a lot of different reasons to vote for different submissions! Sadly we did have to narrow down our choices and they are…

  1. Melody’s @Sjofin - The Eyes
  2. Dean’s @DeanLestrange - Flying High
  3. Jordan’s @Muzika - Above All

Due to Participants’ artworks also being amazing we will throw in a participation prize of 20G!

Prizes will be owl mailed within the next 24hrs. @Sjofin please dm me on discord.