Knockturn Arts [August 2019]

It’s that time of the month again! Get ready for another round of…

Knockturn Arts!

  • You probably know the drill if not read below on how to participate!

How to Participate

<CLICK HERE> for rules on How To Participate.

Knockturn Arts:

A monthly event run by staff where everyone is invited to participate and have a chance to show your skills by submitting drawings, paintings, digital art, video projects, animations, sculptures, poems, songs, comics, Minecraft builds and etc in relation to one of the set themes provided!


  • All submissions must be appropriate
  • Submissions must follow one of the themes provided
  • Please don’t steal other people’s work
  • You may only submit one entry per person
  • And the winner (1st place) for the event cannot participate in the next month but will be able to do so in the one after.

Submitting an Entry:

  • You have to follow the themes and post your drawing as a reply below, in the following the format:

Username (IGN): BBTea12
RP Name: Smol Owen
Name of your drawing: A Cloud
Picture of drawing:


This Month I’m gonna change it up and only have one theme, and it’s
- insert drum roll -

  • Your Favourite Spell!

:moneybag: Prizes: :money_mouth_face:

(There has been changes to the Prizes given out due to the lack of participants sorry :cry:)

  • 1st Place = 100 Galleons OR SPELL SCROLL <— (Need to dm me Napstablook#4351)
  • 2nd Place = 64 Galleons
  • 3rd Place = 32 Galleons
  • Most Funniest Post = 32 Galleons

(Participants will get 15 Galleons for their submissions)

Final Note from Host:

  • Our special judge for this month will be last month’s winner Jasper Owen @Guneapigler
  • And like always GL HF and HIT THAT :heart: for all the submissions made by the wonderful people who have gratefully shared their beautiful work!
  • Hopefully we have more people participating this round!
  • If you have some ideas on what kind of themes you would like to see or have a chance to attempt hit me up on discord Napstablook#4351

Entries Close on 25th of August- 11:59pm EST!

[Winners Announced on the 30th]


IGN: Hermburger
RP Name: Herm Blackthorn
Name of Poem: Illumination Charm

You would come across something
Something forgotten by time
A library with many books
And the carpets a bright shade
Of lime

I might cast a spell
Perhaps a well known one
Or maybe I’d go for my favourite
It could always be fun

It illuminates the area
The smile on your face
As we approach the place
The place that years ago
Perhaps would flow
Just a little bit nicer

Sometimes I still think
Of that day, I raise a cup
And drink it down
Ever since that spell enlightened
Your face, the place
But most of all, my heart

Sometimes I wish I cast
A different charm
But illumination is important
Whether you’re going down a path
Or exploring an old library
I’ll always remember what we found


Username (IGN): Defenestrationn
RP Name: Lily Booth / Spiritus(?)
Name of your drawing: Expecto Patronum
Picture of drawing:

tfw you realise halfway through drawing that you don’t have any colours :sob:


IGN: Pennymerry
RP Name: Penelope Stone
Name of Painting: Patronus Charm


Username (IGN): saranghai
RP Name: Sammy Jorkins
Name of your drawing: Expecto Patronum
Picture of drawing:


Entries are now close for August and the Results shall be posted on the 30th!

Thanks again to all those who participated this month and remember that everyone is a winner :heart:

~Smolo :sunflower:

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Sorry for the delay in announcements (been busy irl)

  1. @Penny
  2. @Herm
  3. @Defenestrationn and @icemistywolf

Prizes will be handed out asap! Sorry for taking so long x_x