Knockturn Arts [July 2019]

New month, new season oooooof…

Knockturn Arts!

  • We have released it early so that you can have 5 extra days for you to complete your submissions by the 25th. Giving you around 25 days!
  • We have also added in a extra prize “The Most funniest post” for this round to ensure that even if you think you’re not artistic you can still win a prize!

How to Participate

<CLICK HERE> for rules on How To Participate.

Knockturn Arts:

A monthly event run by staff where everyone is invited to participate and have a chance to show your skills by submitting drawings, paintings, digital art, video projects, animations, sculptures, poems, songs, comics, Minecraft builds and etc in relation to one of the set themes provided!


  • All submissions must be appropriate
  • Submissions must follow one of the themes provided
  • Please don’t steal other people’s work
  • You may only submit one entry per person
  • And the winner (1st place) for the event cannot participate in the next month but will be able to do so in the one after.

Submitting an Entry:

  • You have to follow the themes and post your drawing as a reply below, in the following the format:

Username (IGN): BBTea12
RP Name: Smol Owen
Name of your drawing: A Cloud
Picture of drawing:


This Month’s themes are gonna be:

  • Land, ocean & air
  • Holidays
  • Colours (Preferably not House ones)

:moneybag: Prizes: :money_mouth_face:

  • 1st Place = 150 Galleons OR SPELL SCROLL <— (Need to dm me Napstablook#4351)
  • 2nd Place = 100 Galleons
  • 3rd Place = 50 Galleons
  • Most Funniest Post = 75 Galleons

(Participants will get 20 Galleons for their submissions)

Final Note from Host:

  • Was really happy to see a lot more people participating in the competition last month and would again like to thank all your lovely submissions!
  • And like always GL HF and HIT THAT :heart: for all the submissions made by the wonderful people who have gratefully shared their beautiful work!


  • Shout out to last month’s winner: 1. Vivianne Blackthorn @MadHatterMojo’s - A summer breeze and due to being last month’s winner will not be able to participate this round and will instead be invited as a special judge at the end of this round!

Entries Close on 25th of July- 11:59pm EST!

[Winners Announced on the 30th]


Username: Ryder_Stone_Snek
RP Name: Ryder Owen
Name of build: Yeet elephant2


Username (IGN): Dilssuperboy
RP Name: Dils Hopkins (Possible to change to Dils Blackthorn)
Name of story: The red bike.

A story based on the theme of ‘colours’. It generally bases around the colours red, black and white.

Pitch black. It was a subtle yet a sweet light, it was full of hope, rounding myself back to consciousness. However, it was not the best of lights. It was the type of dark that comes just before the sunrise, the kind of dark that helps the yellow and gold which blissfully blossom across the blue wonders of the sky, like a small flower trembling open in spring. The light felt muffled, and that’s when my eyes shot out immediately. I travelled from a REM state, to a state of which I was wide awake.

Everything hurt. Every damn thing hurt. I winced as I dragged myself across the living room floor. It was at this point my mind came around to the thought of pain. How it just goes on and on and on. My brain threw my head back into the thoughts of my child life. As I tried to balance, the rush of blood went to my head; I leaned against the table. The colour of blood was in my head, but no, it was not the freshly spilt blood. It was the blood that had been there for years that had dried. I thought to myself ‘Is it even blood…?’, I shook my head to attempt to shake myself out of that living nightmare.

I moved to the counter, but yet again, my eyesight suddenly and violently blurred. Everything became fuzzy; then I saw nothing at all. My consciousness was floating through an empty space filled with a thick electrostatic energy. Throughout the jet black swirls that space my heartbeats pounded loudly, echoing in my ears. It thumped through my every thought. Red, it HAD to be red. I attempted to zoom out of this idea of red, I tried to think of something else. But all it was, and all it could be, it was red. Feeling drained, it went black.

My eyes open like two flashlight beams. I looked around and stood up as soon as possible. Red bike. I looked around and panicked. ‘Red bike’ is what I repeated under my heavy breath, it felt like a sunken feeling when you misplace your phone. Out of nowhere, a spur of energy leaped into me. I ran up the stairs, and back down the stairs. I ran outside and looked around. This time… I saw no red. I saw innocence, it was the kind of brilliant colour that would make new snow seemingly grey. It was the white light that shone through your retinas and made you temporarily blind. The black fought the white as my eyes shut and opened. I ran towards the white, but it was accompanied. Innocence, with anger. Why were the innocent so angry? I looked under the white weaved basket. It was black, a rounded black. What was I seeing… It felt like I knew what this was from the very tip of my tongue. It was… a vehicle. A b-.

I collapsed next to this vehicle. I was laying on the floor involuntarily. I wanted to get up and out of this all. Why me… why does this happen? What is this? Is this hell? Is there a point to this? I systematically opened my eyes up, and got up. I was not where I woke up. In fact, I was next to this red bike with murky black tires, it allowed itself to sit against the wall and was with a touch of innocence. I touched the bikes handles. I sat down on it, and my whole life replayed. The hell of my life replayed. I was in fire, burning up, wanting to get out of this trash. I wanted out.


Username: Hermburger
RP Name: Herm Kennedy (for now)
Name of Animation: Happy Halloween!


Results will come out the 30th ^-^

Hi Sorry for announcing it late!

Winners for this month were

  1. Jasper (Ryder) Owen - Yeet
  2. Dils Hopkins - The red bike
  3. Herm Kennedy - Happy Halloween

Prizes should be in your owl mail!

Due to only 3 participates *sob :cry: * these are the only prizes that will be given out this round.