Knockturn Arts [KTN 7th Anniversary]

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Hello. everyone and welcome to day 6 of Knockturn’s Anniversary Events! As you can probably tell by now, today’s event is… Knockturn Arts!

For those of you unfamiliar with Knockturn Arts, the rules are very simple. Here’s what you need to know…

You will have only 24 hours to create your work of art! This means that you need to have work submitted by January 13th at 12am EST.

The work of art that you choose to create is entirely up to you! You can build something, write a song or poem, draw a picture, take a picture, etc. The only requirement is that it must fall within the theme revealed below! Just remember, whatever you submit should be an original work made 100% by you!

In order for your participation to be counted, you must follow the format below when entering your submission:

Name: Theo Harrison
Username: gakindle
Name of Work: Beautiful Submission
(your beautiful submission here)

Now, the theme is…

A Seven Year Celebration!

You are free to interpret the theme however you wish, and there will be prizes for first (10 Gold Tokens), second (6 Gold Tokens) and third place (4 Gold Tokens), as well as participation prizes for everyone who enters.

Good luck to everyone! I can’t wait to see your submissions!



Name: Aparecium Nott
Username: Aparecium
Name of Work: Knockturn Academy Crest
The symbol is the symbol for earth. 🜨
The rest I think is self explanatory, but Fenixfyre is a phoenix with … fire. Celestine is an eagle with a scroll for knowledge, Melismour is a badger with a cake. Serpentine is the serpentine snake with nothing, because he is cunning and has hidden whatever it is he actually has.

Did this with acrylic paints on printer paper D:


Name: Lilly Potter
Username: Lillytippy
Name of Work: Fenixfyre (pheonix symbolizes a beginning an end and a new beginning and 7 years is a new beginning for knockturn)
( image )
btw i own this dragon virtual pet and decided to dress it up for Fenixfyre i also got to customize it <3 so it is mine 100% i made it


Name: Eevee Brooks
Username: LinkOfArrow
Name of Work: Knockturn Academy Logo redo. So I remade the Knockturn Academy Logo to what I like more with the colors and the shep that are the Animal of Knockturn Academy. And of course the 7th aniversary title that it is celebrated.
Knockturn Art


Name: Maya Heart
Username: Mayish
Name of work: Appreciation


Name: Lilly Arima
Username: CrystalizingBlue
Name of Work: Owners Celebrating

I chose to draw the owners because the server obviously wouldn’t be here without all of the owners and amazing staff. My camera is bad and I’m obviously not the best at drawing (and, let’s be real, coloring inside the lines lmao) but I had a lot of fun doing this.



Name: Angelina Nott
Username: oops_hi28
Name of Work: Another Year Of The Apple (yes another year of celebration apples <3)
sorry its sideways and idk why


Name: Souless Bailey
Username: IAmSouless
Name Of Work: Narcissa… Sigh

The story behind this is: Narcissa ruined the party, but adaline still wants to party and is trying her best ;o
Narcissa is giggling cause well- she had made everyone think it was adaline’s house, while in reality, it was the event hall for the party! Oh no. Narcissa, dang it! (Those fireworks are also whizzbangs. smh- narcissa.)
2021-01-12_12.30.28 2021-01-12_12.30.42 2021-01-12_12.30.48 2021-01-12_12.30.56 2021-01-12_12.30.31


Hey Lilly! Are these your own drawings or is it a collage? Because if you managed to make that in less than 24 hours that’d be insane!

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Name: Joy Rose
Username: Buehl34
Name of Work: For the 7th

I don’t suck at poetry and I can kind of draw a flower…BOOM…now we’re here. Dang, my handwriting looks so much worse in the pic than it actually does–oh well.

Submission - Buehl34 Arts Contest


Name: Anthony Dawson
Username: anthonyke0604
Name of work: Knockturn’s past and future

The simple colors on the castle and the landscape represent knockturn’s past and all of it’s history
the white colorless sky and the lack of detail represent the future and everything that has yet to come
and the canvas represents it’s community because without it, this painting (knockturn) wouldn’t be anything.
Hope you like it! :blush:
image_6487327 (1)


Name: Cris Malfoy
Username: Ctr56
Name of Work: Knockturn 7th

Playing with brushes/textures to make a cool looking 7 :blush:



Name: James Auditiore
Username: izikeo
Name of Work: A Duel of the Ages
(yes i know i misspelled anniversary)


Name: Almerian MacCraith
Username: AlmerianMC
Name of Work: “All Part of the Plan”



Name: Harry Cross
Username : D_6
Name Of Work: Greetings!


Name: Tal Trelawney
Username: BBTea12
Name of Work: 7Yrs in a Nutshell (Yes i drew this in paint at work (minus the pande)


Name: Rey Wayland
Username: Tereazer
Name of Work: New Year, New Identity
In light of all the changes happening this new year, I created a new crest for our Knockturn Academy. It represents both the old we carry and the new we are yet to face. It’s simple but conveys the message.
I hope you like it.


Name: Cassie Slytherin
Username: Cazoe
Name of Work: A Celebration with All

Lights shine brightly upon the stone bricks,
Flares dance in the sky,
Erupting from the intricate wooden sticks.

Smiles populate the spectators’ round faces.
Their cheeks red from laughter and head light from excitement.
Delicious food going round, with small treats passing under the table places.

The magical students hold up seven fingers each with barbariany,
Shouting with spectacular glee,
A celebration for all and to celebrate a glorious anniversary.

Fenixfyre at their red and gold lined tables,
Telling of their heroic tales,
Erupting into wild roars, ready to adventure for some new fables.

Melismour giggles at their golden end.
New students encased in friendly hugs and high expectations of the school.
The friendly students are ready to guide others and be involved with their friends.

Celestine slams down the history books and eagerly gossip to get a leg up.
Information and wisdom line their voices as they participate in a group study session.
The blue birds are ready to win the house cup.

Serpentine cunningly strategizes with their loathsome trait.
The superior house laughs evilly with a twinge of mischievous lining their words.
They clink drinks in a uniform manner, ready to celebrate.

The four houses come together,
All participating in the exciting party and events.
Seven years have swiftly gone by,
And will be remembered by all with no offense.

The era has ended and a new one will ascend.
Glorious and wonderful events and new friends will come,
To grace this new beginning and end!
Happy and Congratulations Knockturn for 7 Years!!


Name: Penguin Howden
Username: PenguinGoggles
Name of Work: The Party
Plot Idea: “Oh no! The Staff Team have forgot to clean up the old event area for the party! So, they decided to host a party at the entrace courtyard!”
Not the best replica, but it took me more than 11 hours to get it done (7 hours of building the castle background, 4 hours of decorating, mostly because I was looking for people to put into the build)
Thank you to: BBTea12,anthonyke0604,Muzika,Poisin_Kat,Vigorine,Mayish,Petito_Nico,iarepandemonium,Graceeex,PigTheCat,cuteredapple,LinkOfArrow,Makaroni_Th,SirKoala03,koalamonium,gakindle,LynxPlay,Tereazer,IAmSouless,EmmaRose33,lydrangea for their beautiful skins!
Also, thank you to all of the owners for creating this server! <3!
P.S. If you can’t find your skin, message me on discord (PenguinGoggles#5059) and I’ll send you the close-up picture of you.
KtnArt1 ktnArt2 Ktnart3 ktnart4 ktnart5 ktnart6 ktnart7


its my online virtual pet i made by breeding someones dragon and i dressed it up for the occasion and it happened to have my pheonix familar paired with it but i dressed it up to look like gryffindor also u have to feed them every day or at least every 3 days or 8 i cant remember but if u dont they die sad but i have like 7 other dragons this ones name is Tia

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