Knockturn Arts [ May 2018 ]

Knockturn Arts May 2018

Knockturn Arts is back once again for the month of May 2018! If you enjoy art of any kind you can enter!

You are able to submit drawings, paintings, digital art, video projects, animations, sculptures, poems, songs, comics, tapestry corridor art, anything of the arts that has to do with the themes!

If you’ve new or never participated in the contest before, it’s simple (And fun)!

-> A set of 4-5 themes for you to base your art around are posted below. Seeing as this is a network event, we have themes for Hogwarts and Mordonia.

-> You have roughly 3 weeks to submit your art under this topic

-> Winners are chosen by server admins/managers and will receive a prize in the currency of whatever server they choose.

How to participate?

Follow the themes and post your drawing as a reply here, following the form below:

Username (IGN):
RP Name (Hogwarts AND Mordonia):
Server for prize currency:
Name of your art:
Picture or link to the piece:

Example -
Username (IGN): Narwhaldo
RP Name (Hogwarts AND Mordonia): Bellona Spiritus / Dahlia Iani
Server for prize currency: Hogwarts
Name of your art: Dank glasses
Picture or link to the piece:


-> NO PLAGIARISM (seriously, no)

-> Keep all pieces of work appropriate!!

-> You may only compete with a single piece

-> Winners (1st place) of a certain month can’t participate for prizes in the next one due to a matter of fairness.

What are the prizes?
1st place: 150 Galleons or 15 Crowns
2nd place: 100 Galleons or 10 Crowns
3rd place: 50 Galleons or 5 Crowns

Any other questions can be asked in the replies.

This month’s themes:

-> “Your Hogwarts/Mordonia Family!”
-> “April Showers bring May Flowers”
-> “The Third Arc”
-> “Hogwarts Professor” (Can be OC)

Due date for entries: 11:59pm EST on May 25th, 2018
Winners announcement date: May 30th, 2018


Idk if I’ll be able to stop that dank glasses drawing

Username (IGN): GimmickyAbyss35
RP Name (Hogwarts AND Mordonia): Chara Tripp and Shiqun Noriac
Server for prize currency: Mordonia
Name of your art: April Showers bring May Showers
Pic / Link to the piece:

(Tell me if the link don’t work)

Would a piece of instrumental music count? Or perhaps a short story?

Yep it can count!

Im an admin can i still enter?

If I submit a piece of art then realize how crappy it is can I unsubmit it?

If ye don’t wanna help judge then sure

Sure as long as it’s within the due date still

{ Username } PassionFire
{ RP Name } Elaine Booth // Arien Giffard
{ Server for prize currency } Mordonia
{ Name of your art } Coming out strong. (Theme: “April Showers bring May Flowers”)
{ Picture / Link } I’m gonna type my poem out here if that’s okay.

(This is a haiku and it follows a 3 line, 5-7-5 syllable scheme)

~Coming Out Strong~
The rain falls behind
Leaving the seeds to scatter
Waiting to break through

Are we allowed to make only one entry? Also can the entry go from art to animation to like a video or something

Only 1 entry, and it can be anything artsy as long as it fits the theme

mk thanks (sentencing is hard)

Username (IGN): Animeisbae
RP Name (Hogwarts AND Mordonia): Lily Booth / Alyna Arquette
Server for prize currency: Mordonia
Name of your art: Professor Harththorn
Picture or link to the piece:


Username: AngelicaSchyler
RP Name: Khan Barnes/ Amalia Florent
Server for prize money: Mordonia
Name of your art: Entering the Ice (Theme: The Third Arc)
Picture or link to the piece: image

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You schnitzels, doing an art competition WiThOuT mE?!? xD good luck competitors o/ i’ll just be here, crying in the corner, don’t mind me xD

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Username (IGN): TheFaboo1
RP Name (Hogwarts AND Mordonia): (H) Alivia Hill (M) Elivia Marion
Server for prize currency: Hogwarts
Name of your art: me when my waifu doesnt want to make flower crowns but im like no its cool cool people make flower crowns we are cool and its okay are reputation is already nonexistent
Picture or link to the piece: mayknockturnthiings

this goes out to my waifu Samantha Gamp and my bb child Annemarie Hudson i luv u bbs
Example -


(Sorry I must point this out)
You misspelled April
You put Apil

Username (IGN): Trash_Cant (changing it from SaltySofia to Trash_Cant tomorrow)
RP Name (Hogwarts AND Mordonia): Sofia Blishwick / Haine Rainecourt
Server for prize currency: Mordonia
Name of your art: Cassen and Haine
Picture or link to the piece: Just a placeholder

Oof I did XD, I mean if it counts against me i’ll fix it but like maybe I did it intentionally

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