Knockturn Arts [May 2019]

Knockturn Arts May 2019! :sunflower:

And we’re back again people!

Now if you’re thinking… “Hmmm why is this posted a bit earlier than last time”
Well that’s cause I felt like it so… :sunglasses:

<CLICK HERE> for rules on How To Participate.

Knockturn Arts:

A monthly event run by staff where everyone is invited to participate and have a chance to show your skills by submitting drawings, paintings, digital art, video projects, animations, sculptures, poems, songs, comics, Minecraft builds and etc in relation to one of the set themes provided!


  • All submissions must be appropriate
  • Submissions must follow one of the themes provided
  • Please don’t steal other people’s work
  • You may only submit one entry per person
  • And the winner (1st place) for the event cannot participate in the next month but will be able to do so in the one after.

Submitting an Entry:

  • You have to follow the themes and post your drawing as a reply below, in the following the format:

Username (IGN): BBTea12
RP Name: Smol Owen
Name of your drawing: A Cloud
Picture of drawing:


This Month’s themes are gonna be:

  • Birds :bird:
  • Lions :lion:
  • Badgers :badger:
  • Snakes :snake:
  • (Or all of the Above) :bird:/:lion:/:badger:/:snake:

:moneybag: Prizes: :money_mouth_face:

  • 1st Place = 150 Galleons OR SPELL SCROLL <— (Need to dm me Napstablook#4351)
  • 2nd Place = 100 Galleons
  • 3rd Place = 50 Galleons

(Participants will get 20 Galleons for their submissions)

Final Note from Host:

  • Lowkey was expecting more people giving this a shot last month :dizzy_face:
    BUT HEY! No one’s forcing you :hugs: (but hopefully there are more submissions this round - if you love me plz do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy::pray:)
  • I hope with this round’s themes we’ll see some wonderful submissions and most importantly…
  • GL HF and HIT THAT :heart: for all the submissions made by the wonderful people who have gratefully shared their beautiful work!


  • Shout out to last month’s winner: @Sjofin - Melody Quintin for her poem “The Eyes”! and due to being last month’s winner will not be able to participate this round.

Entries Close on 25th of MAY- 11:59pm EST!

[Winners Announced on the 30th]


I’ll be watching to see all the awesome art everyone does though o/


love ya smolo, but I have schoolwork to do and I haven’t really played on knock turn since last year ;-; I would do it, but between school, sailing and other artwork that I’m actually getting paid real moneys for, I don’t have time ;-; sorry.


All g this is something u do voluntarily :hugs:

Username: Hermburger
RP Name: Herm Kennedy
Name of your poem: Birds

He puffs out his chest
Almost wearing his feathers like a vest
Red, black, beady eyes
He collects songs
They’re his prize

The waking song every morning
What you’d expect to hear in spring
His reddish-orange breast sets him apart
While he sings a song he knows by heart

Wings so fast, they seem to blur
A tiny body propelled through the air
This bird does not move like an amateur
It shows off it’s tricks
Before feeding a spider to it’s chicks

Little birds, big ones
Any could want some of your bread buns
Some fly through the air
Others stay on the ground
Some work as a pair
But they’re all birds
No matter, size, diet, or breed




Username (IGN): ASnekInMyPokebal
RP Name: Ryder Owen
Name of your build: Birb :bird:
Picture of drawing:


does a photo i take count as art? xD

yeah why not - national geographic does it why cant we

Username (IGN): EHari
RP Name: Hari Bell
Name of your build: SnekSnekSnek
Picture of drawing:


Username (IGN): xKeyla
RP Name: Keyla Weasley
Name of your picture: uhh wAhTt
(yes its very sad I don’t have pictures of a lion ;-; )


Username (IGN): Kuwa_
RP Name: Carter Bell
Name of your drawing: Fiji
Picture of drawing:


Username (IGN): MommyLongLegs
RP Name: Alivia Gamp
Name of your build: old barfing snok
Picture of Drawing:


Username (IGN): HappyHufflepoof
RP Name: Emily Allen
Name of your drawing: ROAR
Picture of drawing:


Username: Anthaxas
RP Name: Antlie Carrick
Name of your poem: Birds
Pale little bodies on the verge of breaking
Fragile in bone and heart
Weak little creatures on the edge of shaking
Maybe will be torn apart

Beautiful creatures that are defenseless
Just move the cycle along faster
I really, really, really want to break them
Just doing my teensy tiny part

Mother is gone, babies quaking
When she comes back they’ll be gone
I am an animal, monster in the making
Time to shatter their tiny hearts

The scene transitions, my own skin glistens
A silent scream locked in place
Mother arrives with food for her children
The nightmare has come to an end


Thank you for all those who applied this round! We are no longer accepting anymore submissions and on the 30th we will announce the winners!

Ok here’s the announcement for this week’s winners!

  1. Emily Allen @Emily.Allen’s ROAR
  2. Herm Kennedy @Herm’s Birds
  3. Theo Harrison @gakindlex’s Snake Crest and Keyla Weasley @Keyla’s uhh wAhTt

Give them a round of applause!

Also starting from next month we’ll be applying different types of prize and categories and instead of the usual 20 day time limit we’ll extend it to 25 days as suggested on Knockturn Arts and Events Brainstorm!

Thank you for all who applied this round and hopefully we’ll get to see more amazing submissions next round! :heart:

~Smolo :sunflower:


Prizes have been owl mailed to the winners and participants today so check you’re owl mail to collect it!

Thanks again to all who submitted their work and hopefully we can see you in June’s round again! :smiley: :partying_face: