Knockturn Arts Update!

Hi guys so as I said on my previous post in regards to Knockturn Arts I have been trying to think up some new ways to run this event.

As most can see there isn’t a big amount of people participating to balance out the weight of the prizes given so I have decided to open up the chance for the community to decide what you guys would like to have running on forums!

I’ll keep this post open for commenting on suggestions!


One small detail, I’m not very good at suggestions lmao

Personally, the biggest discourage in the last KA for me was only one theme option. I understand the skilled people in arts are able to draw something almost at any given theme (lucky you), but for the less skilled people that would like to try too, me included, maybe add more themes, like in the past. :grin:


I agree to this! I feel like if you give a larger variety of options you may get more people to involve themselves.

Perhaps have a different prize monthly? Perhaps the option between a scroll & something that isn’t money - if it’s something somewhat exclusive, people will definitely want to get their hands on it.


I agree to both of these ideas! More themes would most likely draw more people into participating. Also, there are those who aren’t that interested in the spell casting side of Knockturn, and rather something else, so a different prize every once and a while that isn’t galleons nor scrolls may help :smiley:


@Michelle The issue I tried to give some variation on what the themes were as you can see in some of the past KAs but there was still a small size of people who participated and the reason the last KA had 1 theme was because I was running low on themes people would enjoy to do, tho if you do have a suggestion on coming up with ideas I’m happy to listen and put it to motion!

@Dilssuperboy @Guneapigler Like the idea but I cant just throw out a prize of high value, there was a limit on what prizes can be given out of value as we’re not 100% sure how many people would be participating and furthermore it’s a monthly event. But if you have some ideas of prizes I’m happy to have a look into it!


I’d be glad to think of some prizes.

As for the more themes, is there currently a group of judges for this? Perhaps if there’s 3, perhaps, each judge can think of a theme.

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I agree with the more themes thing. I’d love to participate more, but with only one prompt I don’t always know what to do with it.

There was literally only once that has happened when I had only one theme between April-present and that was August so I don’t understand because that wouldn’t explain why when there HAS been more than one the lack of participation. :joy:

There has always been at least minimum 3 prompts so I don’t know by how many “more themes” you guys want.

Also 1. there is vague and broad prompts and 2. very specific prompts - if you get what I’m trying to say = eg. food vs cake = on is broader than the other while the other is specific - so if you guys could be more detailed with the whole “more options” thing that would be fab.

the 3 judges get changed to give some variation and less bias between judges and contestants being friends

also as mentioned in above post - KTN Arts can be replaced with a different event run on discourse.

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In response to your question, I think that more vague prompts would be better as they would allow greater levels of interpretation and would give the participants more creative freedom. This would expand how many options the participant has.

For example, a prompt such as “magical creatures” has a greater amount of possibilities than say, “erumpents”. Giving users a more vague prompt also increases the accessibility of the prompt for someone who might not be as well-versed in a particular prompt.

Most themes I have were up to interpretation

EG some of the themes that were given

  • A “normal” day on KnockturnMC
  • Something wicked this way comes
  • Spring Break at Hogwarts
  • Flying High
  • Knockturn Owner(s)
  • Daily Prophet
  • Things in the forbidden forest
  • Spell casting
  • Breathe

Also the minor issue with vagueness is that we can’t get to see how creative you can get so I like to keep it at a relative vague level that isn’t too vague - like none of the requests have been like eg draw an erumpent sitting on a rock thinking. Even just (using your example erupents) is to some degree is enough to be vague as people and be creative in what the erumpent is doing or heck even wearing and what their interpretation of an erumpent would look like to them. Like not everyone draws harry potter the same different illustrators have drawn harry slightly different from each other. They have their own style and touch of creativity.