Knockturn DevAthlon

Welcome ladies and gentleman,

to the first Knockturn DevAthlon taking place from 0:00 am EST December 1st 2018 to the 0:00 am EST December 3st 2018.

How it works

The event works as follows:

  1. If you want to participate create a new repository on GitHub and post the direct link under this post.

  2. At 0:00 am EST December 1st 2018 a post will be released stating the topic of the DevAthlon
    As an example in this post, we will say it’s “superpowers”

  3. Every participant will have 48 hours to code a spigot plugin that represents the topic in-game.
    For example, you could code a plugin that gives a player a few thor abilities.

  4. After the deadline is over, your GitHub repository will be cloned and tested. Your coded plugin will be tested in the following points:

  • Java conventions
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Efficiency
  • User-Experience
  • Errors
  • Fun
  1. The prizes will be handed out WOOOO


  1. The first place will get 10 stacks of galleons, a spell scroll for Pariter Apparate and Confringo to master
  2. The second place will get 5 stacks of galleons, a spell scroll for Manducare Omnia as well as 12 bottles of Liquid Starlight.
  3. The third place will get 5 stacks of galleons, a spell scroll for Mors Caelorum and Confringo to master

Everyone participating will also get a spell scroll for “Shortus Dissus” :joy: (RIP you, Hari)


Now to the rules.

  1. You may use maven, gradle or any other java compile framework but you don’t have to

  2. You may use whatever IDE you wanna use

  3. You are allowed to use the following micro-frameworks as long as they are shaded into the final jar! Lombok, Guice, Apache Commons, Reflections, Dagger 1 and 2, Guice, and any form of unit testing framework. If you want to use another one, please ask under this post

  4. The plugin has to run as a standalone plugin. No other plugin dependency is allowed.

  5. The code has to be 100% written by you

  6. No teams

  7. Your plugin has to use spigot version 1.12.2

  8. If your plugin stores data you can use whatever storing mechanism you want to. (SQL, Datafiles, whatever)

  9. Your plugin does not have to provide an API

  10. Your plugin does not have to be configurable, messages and content can be hardcoded.

  11. Commit every few hours to make progress visible!

Good luck fellow developers ! Till next weekend



As an example ^^


Does the plugin have to work or can it just be 2 lines of code ;3 xD

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I must work yes :joy:

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I will participate but leave me out of prizing. Ill make the repo soon —

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LOOOOOL :joy: yeah no prizes for you

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Dont want one— want to motivate newbies to try hard


I hope the prizes are enough :wink:

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10 STACKS yeah thats enuff

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Here ya go


Well, we’ll see how this goes.


Wow, the rewards are ridiculously big o.o
A Professor couldn’t earn that much in 2 months!

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Yup I provide half of the galleons used, I will be broke afterwards.
Besides that, the winners have to nearly spend 2 days just coding and testing

On the other hand maybe learning to code could be useful :wink:

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2 weeks?

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Fixed xD


Wow, shout out to anyone entering this contest who actually is able to code. I have 0 idea what anything in this post is talking about… Wonder how so many of you are intelligent computer people xD

Good luck to all entering o/


How about enter yourself n try to make something—- anything

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Im gonna stream the start of mine so maybe some people who do t know how to code will be able to start

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I would, but I have literally 0 idea how to code. I’ve never tried it or even seen a line of code before. I’m not really sure if I would be interested in learning, as it seems pretty complicated, but maybe Ill watch if you stream.

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