Knockturn Draws... [June]

Do you like to draw? Think you’re talented for art? Well here’s a chance to prove yourself! Knockturn Draws… is a monthly drawing contest for all users who play in the Knockturn Networks.

-> Every month a set of 4 to 5 themes will be posted in a topic called “Knockturn Draws… [Month]”.
-> Winners will get a prize and a special mention in next month’s post, as well as a special topic in Muggle Art created by who runs the contest (aka me :laughing:).
-> Since it’s a network wide thing, the prize will be handed in either Mordonia or Hogwarts currency, depending on what the user wishes for.

Well, what are the rules in this?
They’re quite simple:
-> You have to follow the themes and post your drawing as a reply here, following the form bellow:
RP Name (Hogwarts & Mordonia):
Server for prize currency:
Name of your drawing:
Picture of drawing:

-> Keep all drawings appropriate.
-> You may only compete with a single drawing, but it can include multiple categories.
-> Winners (1st place) of a certain month can’t participate in the next one due to a matter of fairness.

What are the prizes?
1st place: 64 Galleons or 2 Crowns
2nd place: 32 Galleons or 1 Crown
3rd place: 16 Galleons or 5 Pieces

Any other questions can be asked in the replies.

This month’s themes:
-> ‘Owner Squad’
-> ‘Last day of school at Hogwarts’
-> ‘Ground Zero adventures’
-> ‘Mordonia Magic School’

Due date: 20th June
Winners announcement date: 25th June

Congrats to last month’s winners!

1st place: The Secret Life of (Bored) Hufflepuffs - Cora

2nd place: Almost There - Kagome

3rd place: The Daily Life of a Professor ft. Bellona - Chara; Fruit Night - Tove

Reminder: the first place can’t participate this month. (@Cora )


Ahh, but I’ve had an unfinished drawing of the Owners in my folder for about 3 months now. c,: Good luck to everyone who participates this month and congrats to the second/third place winners from July. c:


Owner Squad

  • Maximilian being Max
  • Pande obsessively staring at a Quidditch quaffle
  • Richela accidentally deleting half of London again
  • Liam casting spells and being chill
  • Fance screaming ‘huehuehue’ loudly
  • Lisa trying to find out which sheep is her husband
  • Katna, Chris, and Crystal all in the distant background with a “Used to be!” sign being held up, Katna’s probably crying or something in a super high pitched voice. Meanwhile Chris doesn’t really care much at all and Crystal’s laughing because he’s still the System Administrator.

Plus all the Mordonia Owners I don’t know that well


@Katna can I use one of these? (I wanna draw da Quiditch quaffel one :P)


Katna… I am the only Mordonia Owner HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE


I totally knew that

inserting “HUEHUEHUE” for the sake of hues

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RP Name (Hogwarts & Mordonia): Jade Young, Jade Eichendorf
Server for prize currency: Mordonia
Name of your drawing: Be free homework!
Picture of drawing:

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Rp name: Sofia Blishwick & Violet Hellinger
Server for Prize Currency: Mordonia
Name of your drawing: Every story has an ending
Picture of drawing:
Sorry about the annoying shadow at the bottom. I’m no photagrapher.
I made it with crayons and a pencil.


Username: Sparkle74927
RP Name (Hogwarts & Mordonia): Ginny CalderonBoot/Ginny Bilencourt
Server for prize currency: Hogwarts
Name of your drawing: Hogwarts Summer camp (Inspired by how even though the month in June or July in the Wizarding world we are still at school)
Picture of drawing:

Sorry that I had to do a video I couldn’t get a clear picture. Also the speech bubbles are hard to read so here they are: Me: My trunk is packed and I am ready to go home. Teacher: Not so fast CalderonBoot, your grades were terrible and we have to keep you here for summer camp. Me: I got all O’s! This can’t be!! Teacher: No, you got all T’s. See you tomorrow! Me: NOOOOOOOO!


Ok, so I made a quick sketch cuz June is quite a busy month for me. So here >

Username: 101McKeyla
Rp name: Keyla Weasley / Lalande
Server for prize currency: Hogwarts
Name of drawing: Owner Moments
Picture of my drawing:


omg xd SO GOOD


Thanks xD

OMGGG imma make something like this

haha that’s cute xD


This isn’t a ‘quick sketch’. It’s a masterpiece!


The Liam one is spot on


Username: commanderjaws
Rp name: Commander Cattermole
Server for prize currency: Hogwarts
Name of Drawing: The Remake ;D
Picture of my drawing:

Hope you like it! I put a lot of time into it xD


Username: BemoBabe
Rp name: Bambi Cunningham
Server for prize currency: Hogwarts
Name of drawing: Lisa Bliskwick trying to find Oliver
Picture of my drawing:


“What’s wrong with this guy?” I laughed so hard when I read this

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