Knockturn Lore Modifications


Hello Users of Knockturn,

I am sure you have noticed by now a few key changes, if you haven’t already noticed some of the discussions in house chat. This announcement may surprise some of you, but others might be hardly surprised at all.

Knockturn is moving away from the Harry Potter concept to create our own canon and our own story line. We are changing all terms that have to do with Harry Potter slowly to suit this change. You might be confused as to the why of this, so this post is here to answer that.

Beyond the basic premise of Harry Potter being owned by JK Rowling and Warner Bros, though in many aspects as a Non-Profit we are protected from that, especially since we do not infringe on them being able to make a profit, we have two ulterior motives for the move.

The first reasoning is quite obvious to many. Many in our community are hurt and sometimes upset by words said by the author of the Harry Potter series. Her views have caused many to reflect on themselves, after they have loved the series, viewed themselves in it, they are saddened to hear that, not only are they not represented, but the author has said they shouldn’t have a place in her world. For this reason. As our community should be represented by all people, gay, straight, black, white, trans, cis, the like, we felt it was not okay for us to continue on the path of Harry Potter. Honestly, this is probably the main reason, as we add more and more representation into our lore, its painful to be reminded that there are people who don’t feel as home in the series as they once did. For this, we wanted to make our own lore, so those qualms are no longer an issue, and you can see yourself as apart of the lore no matter who you like, who you are, or what you look like.

Beyond that, is the creative reasons. Knockturn flourished with the original source material, but we find we are more and more hampered by illogical rules, or lack of information on subjects. Since we have a wonderful lore team, with just so many ideas, as well many creative minds and thinkers, we thought it would be best if we could do our own thing, our own thing with our own creatures, our own classes, our own story line.

I know some people may not like the change, and that’s understandable. It very much is a deviation from what we have represented.

We estimate this change to take about 2 years, starting with things that will have less of an impact on your lives.

The first changes have already started, which is to change the surface names of classes.

You will have noticed that the names of classes are different (Though your turn in command for now will still use the legacy names.)

We have also decided on some names for other things. These include changing the name of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to Knockturn Academy of Witchcraft, Wixing, and Wizardry.

The classes that have changed are as follows:

  • Ancient Runes --> Runic Studies
  • Care of Magical Creatures --> Magical Creatures
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts --> Defensive Magics
  • History of Magic --> Magical History
  • Muggle Studies --> Study of Amagical Peoples (S.o.A.P.)

Other decisions that have been made so far:
Slytherin -> Serpentine
Muggle -> Amagical or Amagi for short
Muggle-Born -> Amagi Heritage
Half-Blood -> Half-Magi Heritage
Pure-Blood -> Magi Heritage
O.W.L.s -> Customary Advancement Tests (C.A.T.s)
N.E.W.T.s -> Wearisome Overly Lengthy Finals (W.O.L.F.s)

The other houses are currently voting on what to call their houses, if you are in those houses you may take part in this discussion on discord.

For those who may be concerned about spells, we do have a plan for that as well, as I figured you would like to know. Rather than abruptly changing all the incantations on you (Though as a troll that would probably be hilarious) We will be changing them about 5 spells at a time so the transition is not as painful for some of you. Our spell system heavily depends on incantations, so it will be a bit of a transition. All spell data will be preserved when we transition the incantations as well. So don’t fear we will forget that bit.

As each change arises, we will be announcing them in a post similiar to this. Thank you for understanding.

I hope this answers some questions, and you are free to ask more below.