Knockturn Social Media Team

In these past days the Knockturn YouTube team has evolved into the social media team and is looking for new people who are willing to be apart of it.

With this change the role will become a staff position and applicants will no longer be required to have video editing/photoshopping skills and computers able to record events.

We will now also be looking for people to help us manage all social media platforms which include: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Applicants will be in charge of coming up with ideas and help create content for YouTube videos, TikTok skits, Knockturn related memes, fun facts and statistics about the server, showcase of pictures highlighting both the server and user submitted content (including their art).

As per most staff positions the requirements to apply is that you must be year 2 and above.

We hope to see many of you apply and help us grow our platforms further.

The Knockturn Social Media Team,