Knockturn's Monthly Hunt

Hello everyone!

Daniel Owen and I (Ryder Owen) are hosting a scavenger hunt.

The hunt will be monthly, so expect another post next month!


When is it?
This months hunt will be hosted September 14th, at 12pm

Where is it?
The first clue will be announced on a black board in the entrance hall courtyard.

How will it work?

  • The first clue will be announced at 12pm EST. It will be a race, so the first, second, and third that finish will get prizes.
  • At the end, you will fill out a book and quill with the 15 words you find at each clue’s destination. Then you will sign the book and quill with your RP name, Example: Jasper Owen. and mail it to _ breadd_ with an owl.
  • Prizes will be owl mailed on the thirtieth of the month.

Make sure to write down the words so you remember!

How can I participate in this event?
Show up around 10 minutes before the event starts.

1st: Firebolt Supreme
2nd: Elytra and Dragon Head
3rd: 25 galleons
Dont worry! There will be a participation prize.


  • You are allowed to do it with a friend, but only one of you can get the first place prize if you finish first.
  • No giving or asking for clues in global, nor sharing with people you arent working with.
  • No apparating during the race- after the first 3 people complete it, we’ll announce it and you’ll be able to apparate after that.
    (More rules may be added)