Knockturn's Words

Hello There! Glad To see you opened the post and asked
"What in the world is this?" – WELL, since you asked. This is another contest!
Each and everyone of you has a talent, so why not show it off?

April is the month of Poetry. Think you’ve got some writing talent? You do? GREAT!
Here is a chance to show off your talent in a Poetry Slam

Will There be Prizes?
Of course!
1st place: 64 Galleons or 2 Crowns
2nd place: 32 Galleons or 1 Crown
3rd place: 16 Galleons or 5 Pieces

How do I participate in this? Glad you asked!
To Participate, simply reply using the format below!


Discord Username
RP Name (Hp and Mordonia)
Server Currency

The Event Will be held in the Karaoke Voice Channel on discord.
Here is how the slam will work (we are modifying it slightly from a normal slam)

Each person will have a 3 minute time limit to read. Myself and two other judges will then score you from 1-10 using a decimal place as well. Once everyone has gone, we will announce the winners.

When will this be held?
Saturday, April 29th at 10:00pm EST

When are Entries due?
April 21st is your last day to submit

Don’t Forget, in a slam we take any kind of poetry (As long as you would let you’re 11 year old sibling read it)


Question: Do we just type our poem directly on here, or should we make a link to it?

Is it possible to enter the event without going on voice chat?

Either or

You could get someone to read your poem for you, as long as you write it

Username: Goose567
Hogwarts rp name: Goose Carter
Mordonia rp name: Goose Volpe
Server Currency: Mordonia

I saw Orion’s belt
twinkling in a row
in the pool of dark night sky
no ripples to be seen
his neighbor was Gemini,
the twins
I wonder if they got along,
It be horrible to have a bad neighbor for eternity
And next to Gemini
I connected the dots
and found myself
with my round face and slender nose
looking out of place
next to the heroes and starry guides
like an interloper in a room that had been crowded for ages
some say they were placed there by Zeus
for their great deeds, or beauty
some say they were merely to help guide sailors lost at sea
I wondered what heroic thing they had done
to deserve a place in the sky, for all to see
I gazed up
once again
my image slowly fading
in the new light of dawn
I wonder what it would take
to be promoted to the sky
one day
(I wrote this a bit ago, with a little bit of help from my sister, is that ok?)


If I wrote my poem here and did not join on the 29th would I still be eligible to enter? Like, would someone else read it on my behalf if I cannot make it?

Username: Ctr56
Discord Username: Cris#0884
RP Name: Cris Malfoy // Myrah Nesimi
Server Currency: HP
Poem: Hogwarts Journey

The sun rises high
And the birds start to sing
I start by opening an eye
While the other is struggling.

It’s a warm September morning
This month’s first one
So I begin wondering
If this Hogwarts year will be fun.

There won’t be much of new
Since I am in seventh year
I already have my crew
And we have nothing to fear.

I’m curious to see the firsties
Nervous to put on the hat
So we see in which 'teams’
Ends up this one or that.

I’m also looking forward
To casting and learning more
Not needing to say a word
To do what the spell’s meant for.

These thoughts cross my mind
As I hurry up and pack
Mom came upstairs to remind
That to leave soon she’d be back.

A last look at my room
And I already miss the Manor
So I grab my broom,
Leave, and close the door.

We walk out the front gate
Oh, I will miss it so much!
But in this depends my fate,
My future, and things such.

Apparating along with mom
We walk inside the train station
And where there’s usually no one
It looks like there’s the whole nation.

Everyone gets through the wall
But tries to be sneaky
Since the Muggle amount isn’t small
It makes it rather tricky.

We finally get to the train
But I’m unsure why I even take it
Mom teaches Charms, which is a pain,
And can in other ways make it.

I pick a seat and get comfortable
While I wait for my friend
Firsties walk by vulnerable
But scaring isn’t yet a trend.

While the train starts moving
Me and Hari laugh and chat
Ask each other how we been doing
And she shows me her new cat.

We’re entertained for a bit
And we’re already so close!
I put my badges on with a clip
After we changed our clothes.

This year I’m Prefect again
And Hari became one too
I’m also the Quidditch captain
Ready for this year that’s new.

We get in the carriages
Arriving just in time
Walking up the stairs to the castle
And here come the newbies in line!

The sorting ceremony was fun,
The dinner, as usual, very tasty
Full and sleepy, I’m done
Falling in bed, lazy.

The food, the hype for tomorrow
Make me want to sleep
Soon, memories will overflow
And this year will seem so quick.

NOTE: I can’t attend the event but if someone reads it for me that’s ok I guess.


Roses are red
Violet are blue
Donate your savings
Or I’ll find you

drops mic


Rap battle me lima bean right here right now

IGN: KathoLP
Discord: Maximilian#9605
RP names: Maximilian Arelle // Derfel Nasaea
Server Curreny: Mordonia

Walking on the road, for and further
Taking step and breath, one or either
Through grass and flower, red and green
Death cannot take, what I have seen

Walking to your place, near and closer
Passing blood and farm and roaster
Looking in you face, gray and bleech
You are the good I try to reach

Drowning in the water, when I see
You are not there where I thought you’d be
Taking a breath and swallow the night
Remembering the left and theft and fight.

Falling into the nothing, black and darker
Throwing away the shirt and parker
Knowing you see me, ignoring my pain
Knowing you know I took all blame.

Taking the chance and rope, so long
Pain and death, away, I don’t belong
To all this sadness, madness, sickness
Time to break out and grab live’s bless!


As long as you write it, yes someone can read it on your behalf.

Username: EllieHasGoneMad
Hogwarts RP Name: Destiny Sinistra
Mordonia RP Name: Destiny Vanel
Server Currency: Hogwarts
Poem: New Days
Its a pantoum poem so thats why the lines are repeated, its the structure of the poem.

Eyes set on a new destination
Thirsting to be filled with hope
Yearning for a transformation
Dreams falling into place like colors in a kaleidoscope

Thirsting to be filled with hope
Washing away the days in a cocoon
Dreams falling into place like colors in a kaleidoscope
Longing to live life with a new tune

Washing away the days in a cocoon
Finishing fate’s latest renewal
Longing to live life with a new tune
Discovering life’s next pursual

Finishing fate’s latest renewal
Yearning for a transformation
Discovering life’s next pursual
Eyes set on a new destination


Username: IceMistyWolf
RP Name: Sammy Jorkins
Server Currency: Hogwarts
Poem: Frost Fall

It’s perilous outside, the warning clear
The cruel wind howls, whips, and tears at the walls
Our shelter wobbles; our shelter falls
The hail falls, beating hard, merciless
It’s bitterly cold and my lips have gone numb
And yet you stand tall.

It’s dark outside, ever so dark
The ground is parched- broken, defeated
Jagged ice, shattered reality
Nothing but ashen trees and limply curled leaves
There are rocks on the ground and thorns in my side
And yet you still stand tall.

It’s dreadful outside, it’s devoid of all hope
It leeches my energy and roars in despair
Everything’s taken a turn for the worst
We’re trapped here, defenceless, helpless and dying
With the weather volatile and our journey endless,
How do you still stand tall?


Sorry to bother you guys, but just some clarification:
If I post the poem here, will it automatically be read by someone else who is available?
(I have tutoring at that time so I won’t be able to participate)
Thank you!

Also, may someone read my poem at the slam, I will be unable to atend. Thanks!

Could someone read my poem as well? I might not be able to attend

I’ll read anyone’s poem that DMs me on here (the forums) I can do around 5-7

Could u read mine? Thanks!

Please read mine too