KTN Drama Club's First Show!


KTN Drama Club’s first show!

Let me say one thing- It’s much harder to prepare for a short 10 minute play in Minecraft than you think. We’re actually having our first show- I know, shocking. After months and maybe more months, honestly I have no clue- we’re finally done. We have a show for you next weekend at the times listed below, and we hope you enjoy the show (that is if you come to it). Hosted by Ava and Emma, and of course it wouldn’t be possible without the KTN drama club. :heart:

Subyork Alley Theater! You’ll probably see some people heading there anyway, but you can just floo to subyork alley and go to the theater, or app to 3236 51 5175

August 29th and 30th, ticket purchases and seating starts at 8:00 PM EST, and the show will start at 8:30ish. It will last around 10-20 minutes, with snacks of course. :smiley:

I can’t tell you what show, but if you scroll to the top of this post, there might be a hint. If you’re really curious, wait for the show, please don’t go around asking people from the club to tell you. If you’re in the club- keep it a secret until the show, suspense is amazing.

Again, Tickets will be sold starting at 8:00 PM EST on the show days, and they will be available to purchase before, and throughout the show.

Ticket Prices:

  • Regular Cost - 2g
  • Child Discount (Year 1) - 5 sickles
  • Senior Discount (Graduates) - 1g


  • No spell casting, whiz bangs, or fireworks (limit distractions)
  • Knockturn rules still apply, of course
  • Don’t spam the chat with /me’s, but if you want to do some things like /me laughs or /me claps at appropriate times to encourage the roleplay aspect, that’s fine
  • Local should not be used in the theater, please limit it to /msg or whisper chat so that the audience can focus on the performance
  • Don’t hop onto the stage, in the lighting box, or backstage since that is for cast and crew only



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No❤️ Am first I saw it first

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i am SO excited


Finally there’s a perk for being yr1 lmao


Less than 7 hours left- also, I think my cat has decided that she’s gonna watch. She won’t get off my arm and has already cleared a spot for herself on my desk.


Ok! Thanks for coming to the first performance everyone who came. Here’s the playbill link:



i am in love with this

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Everyone did amazing! Thanks for the opportunity and letting me be involved <3 <3