KTN Flying Record Info

Hi guys!

So essentially I thought it would be cool to see how well people are able to fly their brooms on the flying course near flying class and a nice thing to spice things up on the server. Essentially the start will be from one block behind the black and white line in the giant snitch:

Image of the Snitch


To make it somewhat fair cause different brooms have different mechanics so I will cut them up into categories in regards to type of brooms.

I tried to think of the most generic brooms players tend to own:


  1. Moontrimmer
  2. Cleansweep Series
  3. Nimbus Series
  4. Comet Series
  5. Starsweeper xx1


  • Record a video with a timer present on the screen (I would personally recommend downloading LiveSplit and set it up so that you can use it as a timer)
  • Before the timer starts you can be sitting on your broom to get ready to fly by saying up but don’t press the space bar to speed up your broom (so essentially you’re just staying in one spot on your broom) and make sure to start the timer before you start moving.
  • The finish is essentially when you land back into the snitch passed the line
  • You must only use brooms that are listed above (eg you wouldn’t be able to use your thunderbolt cause it’s not listed above)
  • Every hoop missed = +5 secs (MAX Hoop miss = 3 other wise it won’t count)
  • On the way back tho you don’t need to go through the first 2 hoops from the beginning of your run.
  • Submit Video of your attempt to my discord Napstablook#4351 or just post it down in the comments.
  • If you don’t wish to go through the lengths of setting up a recording of your flying record you must have me (Tal [BBTea] Trelawney) to time and watch you in game in order for your record to be considered “Valid” and a screenshot of your timer along with it.
  • 1 vid submission per 12hrs if submitting to my discord! - Edit your comment if you want to resubmit your attempt on this post if you get a better run and write the date & time EST on it.

Video SetUp Example

^Kudos to Harry King

I will set up a Separate post on Forums that has a list of all best attempts for different broom categories and post the link [here - KTN Flying Records] when I start receiving submissions/attempts. If you have any questions you can either comment on this post or dm me on discord.

There is no due date or anything - this is something that will be up for anyone to attempt anytime as long as the brooms plugin exists. And everyone is welcome to attempt. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the top 5 it’s something nice to at least try!

~Smolo :sunflower:



Here’s an example of an uploaded submission via comments!
This is a demonstration run of the Comet 290, sub-25 seconds.

Nimbus 2001: 40.36

Clean Sweep 11: 39.83

Cause I’m getting spammed by people submitting every single run they do I’m restricting it to 1 vid submission per 12hrs if you’re sending it to my dms

If you’re posting your submissions on forums please just edit your existing comment on this post rather than posting multiple times.


Still can’t edit posts, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2fXSmgW5o4
Tied or a very close second.

Note from Smolo

Every close second unfortunately cause the timer was stopped just on the line not passed it - Edited Final time 22s 94


Note from Smolo

[Comment: I’d say it was more of a 1m 09s 05]

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