KTN Game of Life Statistics/Winners

Hi hello I have gathered the thingies for the humans


We didn’t have a google sheet but-
Winner: Bellona Spiritus

Honorable Mentions:
Smile lost all of his money because he’s bad at gambling and was in like 1000 coins worth of debt.
Tal was just sitting there on vc talking to someone else until smile finally muted her lol
Everyone sat there for like 3 hours but it was chill ty for testing lol

Round 1

Honestly no clue what the statistics were but the winner was Johnny Krum.

Round 2

Winner: Beige Williamson

Honorable Mentions:
Why were the majority of players either a bell manager or a wandmaker-
Grace had a gambling addiction.
I don’t remember anything else.

All People in Order:
Lilly -260???
Haley -50???
Grace -41
Carlisle 10??
Cassie 79
Alex 114
Ellie 219???
Maya 450
Dime 462
Lilly 485
Rey 525
Emily 530???
Beige 610

The fancy google sheet we used if you were curious:


Round 3

Winner: Lilly Potter

Honorable Mentions:
Katna literally had to sit there rolling 1s and 2s for the first half of the game.
The people that were here at the end had to figure out which name was their name out of like 20 chests lol because I messed them all up.

All People in Order:
Aparecium -300???
Bob -240???
Hari -80??
Allie -72??
Katna -50
Harry -40???
Johnny -33
Jordan -8
Emma 59
Bass 71
Bobby 180
Theo 364
Peter 389??
Lilly 530

The very fancy google sheet we used if you were curious (its very fancy after minor improvements):


Other Honorable Mentions
Gel pressed the dice roll button.
Everyone who noticed the clouds- specifically the duck and kiwi clouds.
Gel who took basically her whole day helping out with an event that she wasn’t even a host for and like if she didn’t help the event would’ve been a big mess.
Everyone who came because you’re super epic.
Everyone I hope you have a good day lol.
Emma and Souless for helping me and Saige understand Game of Life.