KTN is on 1.13.2!

We’ve reached our long awaited update! And there were quite a few changes! This post is to highlight some of the changes promised in this pre-release post: Update On September 4th - September 5th- Release Notes

First major change is ofc, we are now on 1.13.2. So if folks ask what version we’re on, make sure to refer to this!
Next is, New fashion items in donate shop!
And a gender neutral gender was added, wix!
Also, in case it was missed in the update excitement, the chamber of secrets can now be opened. But you need to figure out the password by locating many signs around the server and piecing together the password! Good luck!

New Textures!

There is a new texture pack, you can dl on textures.knockturnmc.com with the 2019 September version. Or use the command /texture update.

Hogwarts Things
Many doors now open and close depending on users’ proximity to it!

Grand Staircase aka GST

The Grand staircase has been moved closer to the entrance hall to encourage more use of it. To use, stand on the platform edge and look up/down to next platform to summon the stairs. You may be able to access other platforms by using attached hallways.

All things Classes!

All Years

Before Class
  • 15 minutes before class starts, green particles will appear on the seats of your classroom. You must arrive in the room and right click on the green particles to claim a seat.
  • The particles will ONLY appear 15 minutes before class starts.
  • Upper years may attend lower year classes, but they must arrive in the classroom before the seating period ends. Once Seating ends, class begins and you cannot enter and get class content anymore.
Classroom Locations

Right now, classes are held in 1 classroom per subject.

  • Magical Theory - mt over suspension bridge
  • DADA - dada on 3rd floor
  • Potions - large potions
  • Flying - (by the rings, may not be set up)
  • Astronomy - astro room on top of tower
  • History of Magic - hom near scamander corridor aka in the quad
  • Herbology - greenhouse 3
  • Transfiguration - large transfig classroom
  • Charms - large charms in peverell hall


  • Care of Magical Creatures - comc Near flying
  • Arithmancy - at the end of poltergeist hall
  • Ancient Runes - ar near the library
  • Muggle Studies - ms in the quad
  • Divination -top of div tower
During Class
  • If you die, need to leave mc, or the classroom in general, class will now pause where it’s at for you. If you leave and the class period ends, your class will continue where you left off next time.
  • Class will pause when it reaches a point where you need to do something (answer question, cast spell, do potion step). If a few minutes minutes pass with no reaction from you, it will repeat what it wants you to do.
  • You can enter classrooms l late even if a class above your year is going on. You will not be able to talk to class participants or cast spells, just walk through and around. If you need someone’s attention, you can use RP chat (,).
  • Everyone starts at Lesson 1 for every subject. And it will always go in chronological order. So you may be seeing a different lecture than other users in your class, despite all being in the room together.
  • potion classes will now give you ingredients for 2 attempts at a potion.
  • When class starts for a brewing lesson, you’ll be asked to collect ingredients. There will be cabinets around the room and you may need to search every cabinet to find a specific ingredient.
  • Every 2 minutes, the list will be given again but will remove ingredients you have already collected.
  • Once you collect ALL the ingredients, they will appear in the chest next to your seat. You will not be able to access other user’s brewing supplies.
  • If you leave class and come back another day, you will need to bring the ingredients on your own because you can only collect the ingredients for a potions class once.
After Class
  • If class hits the 45m mark, all classes will auto end for the next class. If you didn’t finish your class on time, it will continue next time you attend the subject.
  • classes should now all definitely be under an hour and usually around 30m at most. But this assumes you are actively interacting when prompted to answer a question or do a task.
  • to turn in hw, hold it and do /turnin [subject] [LessonNumber]. You can see your lesson number by typing /profile, clicking report card, clicking your current year and the subject, then the lesson number. Then run /homework [suject] [lessonNumber]
  • Special subject notes -
  • D.A.D.A is dada, Magical Theory is magical_theory, HoM is History_of_Magic, transfig is Transfiguration, ancient runes is Ancient_Runes, C.o.M.C is comc, muggle studies is Muggle_studies
How to Year Up
  • Year 1-4 - to yr up, you need 100% general exp from being on the server and doing stuff, house points, and you need to take an exam for each subject. You will have a few attempts to do this
  • 5th year students - You need to take your OWLs. You’ll have a few attempts for every subject. When you’re satisfied with your scores, you can click the year up sign. Classes you did not get an OWL in, you will not be able to attend as a 6/7 Year. If you decide not to year up, you can immediately graduate after attending all the classes, earning enough general exp and house points.
Elective Selection for 3-5 Year Students
  • When you reach 3Y, you get to choose which electives you want to take.
  • You must pick at least 2 but there is no maximum limit. (No we do not give you a time Turner either :p).
  • The default when you are 3Y is that you are attending them all.
  • To remove an elective run /elective and click the ones you don’t want. Just remember you will not be able to disable all the electives, just 3 of them.

Year 6 and year 7 users may graduate at 100% exp if they have enough house points or choose to return to year 5 with the command /year-down-fifth

Profile updates!

To see your profile in the original ways, do /profile text

  • /profile, now pulls up a pop up window and you can click to see your reportcard! It’ll not only tell you how many lessons you’ve attended and your grade, but also say if you’ve submitted homework for that class!
  • Additionally, /homework [subject] [lesson number], now tells you the homework assignment!
  • Hovering over the book under report card will also tell you if you took the exam for the class or not!

Huge huge HUGE thank you to the awesome KTN staff team that contributed in testing, formatting, coding, writing, keeping people sane, and everything in between!


Issues that have been reported/dealt with/anything about bugs and stuff.

-not all portals are fixed or set up, report broken ones unless they are listed in this post
-shops seem to bug out once in a while
-some old items no longer work
-brooms seem to be bugging at times
-Spells may bug out at times (Report to Michael King in his discord DMs
-narcissa quest 2 will give you an error, please don’t try to start it

  • incendio gives spell exp at hagrids hut/ff, but doesnt do so on school grounds. Class also seems unable to register the spell as ‘succesfully cast’

Broken Portals
gryff cr portal has you facing backwards and at the ground

-some newbs cant seem to talk to oak (This may happen again if server needs a restart. This will need an owner to then fix)

  • gringotts signs are working again! (unless you use money dropped by mobs)
  • bread sign will NOT be returning. Please shop for cauldron cakes in the broom closet.
  • quid crashes - fixes were put in to reduce if not prevent this, needs more testing of people trying to break the server.
    -Mob drops dont work as money - hagrids hut and broom closet now sell sickles and knut so you can exchange them.
    -occasionally everyone on the server is basically timed out and has to rejoin - seems to be happening less, so resolved?

Lore Team Announcement!!

The lore team is super excited for the update and to bring adjusted and updated lessons to you! We rearranged some lessons and we need your help to make sure our arrangements make sense. Here are some potential issues to keep in mind as you go through your lessons:

  • Repeating lessons, lessons that just don’t make sense, or lessons that aren’t in a logical order (ex. learning lumos duo before lumos, learning a tier one spell as a fourth year or a tier four spell as a first year, etc.)
  • Lessons that take longer than 30 minutes (especially if it takes longer than 45)
  • General typos, grammar, and quiz question mistakes (ex. repeating questions, quiz question said you were wrong but you were right)
  • Lessons that teach a spell but don’t give you a chance to cast it
  • Lessons that teach something incorrect (Neville killed Harry, bombarda is a curse, etc)
  • Lessons that don’t work at all (you talk in class chat but the professor never speaks etc.)
  • Lessons that greet you as the wrong year or lesson number (you’re a year 3 on lesson 2 but the lesson says “Welcome to lesson ten of year 2 charms!”)
  • Lessons with no homework that probably should have homework (especially y3+)
  • Lessons with 4 or more quiz questions
  • Questions that reward 3 or more points
  • If answering an opinion question says you were incorrect (ex. how do you think you will do on the exam, what do you think Merlin should have done, etc)
  • Getting quizzed over something you haven’t learned (lessons and exams)
  • Professor says more than 2 sentences in one message
  • Exam questions with no context (ex. “What spell am I talking about?”)
  • If a lesson/exam asks you to cast a scroll locked spell or a spell above your tier lock (can’t continue the lesson because you can’t cast)

Here is the form to fill out when you find an error:


We know it’s a long list but please utilize this form! It’ll help us to fix errors quickly, especially as we adjust to the new lessons over the next few weeks. This form will also be linked in the first lesson in every subject for each year.

I will be checking this list regularly so please especially report issues that affect your ability to complete a lesson or continue to the next year as those will be dire issues that we need to fix ASAP.

Thanks guys and we hope you enjoy the update!
-Haley Robertson and the lore team


Some corrections: /elective is the command & the ingredient do not appear until you have collected them all. Additionally its not always 3 minutes, for some its 2 n maybe 1 depending on what you’re doing, trying to balance getting information versus annoying spam.

Ie potion ingredients are every 2 min bc it will update list on what you collected


classrooms information is now recorded in the docs!



New updates on /profile added to the first post!