Left my stuff in a towny and can't get back

Support Ticket

I stored my stuff at Merlin Morgan’s towny and I left to go somewhere else in the towny server and I can’t find it again. It won’t let me teleport back to the towny for some reason, and I’m pretty sure Merlin left, or he at least hasn’t been on the server for a while. A lot of my stuff is stored there and I need a few items that I left there to complete a quest.

Request for Solution
I think I just need to be teleported back to Merlin’s towny, if someone can do that, so that I can grab my stuff and store it somewhere else.

If you do /spawn, and then /t spawn, you will be teleported to the town (if it still exists)
(You cannot teleport to your town from miningworld)

The problem is that I’m not a resident of the town for some reason, although I know that I can still open my chests in the towny because I was there recently.

going to /spawn and then doing /t spawn Merlin doesn’t work for you?

Ah it worked! Thanks for helping me!

No problem, feel free to contact us again if you have more problems!