Length of Time to Get to Each Class :o

Today I did an experiment/project where I timed the length of time it takes to get to each class. This was done for two reasons; first, I was curious which was the furthest and closest class. Second, I wanted to prove that classes really don’t take that long to get to.

With the goals in mind, I knew I would have to follow a few guidelines.

  1. All of these classes were found using the paths in /guide. If you know a better or shorter way, great! The lengths of time for my case were used only with the paths specifically.
  2. I rounded my corners while I followed the path, because I assume that is how most people follow them. If you want to walk right on the particles and square your corners, go for it, but that will most likely add at least a few seconds.
  3. I did not jump down staircases, as this deals damage, and not everyone has healing spells NV.
  4. I started all of these paths from the center of the carpet in the Entrance Hall (1632 87 3177).
  5. I did not do anything except follow the paths (didn’t /msg friends, didn’t cast spells, etc.) If you choose to do these things, your time will most likely go up.
  6. I did not use any assists to get to classes faster (no brooms, no spells such as apparate/incitatio/phasma, no candies or potions that give speed, etc.)
  7. Classes marked by an (S) in my list mean you have to go through the moving staircases to get to them, which also means the time varies. Sometimes the stairs are preset the way you want, and other times you have to wait for them to load.
  8. I also went to Greenhouse 3 for the Herbology times, instead of simply where the path stops.
  9. Obviously, your times may differ slightly from mine, but this is a good baseline.
  10. For each path, I decided to do three methods: sprint-jumping (sprinting while holding the jump botton), sprinting (only holding sprint), and walking, that way you can figure out the times no matter what method you have to use.

With that in mind, here are the classes and the times it took to get to them, in the order sprint-jumping, sprinting, and walking.

Ancient Runes: 1:31 ; 1:49 ; 2:21
(S) Arithmancy: 1:30 ; 1:36 ; 2:02
Astronomy: 2:23 ; 2:46 ; 3:35
Charms: 2:06 ; 2:27 ; 3:09
COMC: 1:59 ; 2:28 ; 3:09
(S) DADA: 1:19 ; 1:24 ; 1:55
(S) Divination: 1:19 ; 1:28 ; 1:54
Flying: 2:43 ; 3:17 ; 4:12
Herbology: 2:17 ; 2:35 ; 3:22
(S) HOM: 0:44 ; 0:50 ; 1:01
MT: 1:11 ; 1:22 ; 1:47
Muggle Studies: 1:27 ; 1:43 ; 2:15
Potions: 1:56 ; 2:24 ; 3:01
Transfiguration: 1:33 ; 1:52 ; 2:23

With these times listed, we have now completed my goals. First, the furthest class is Flying, and the closest is HoM. Also, even if you are walking, it will take you at most around 4 minutes to get to the furthest class. This means that as long as you leave for a class at :55 or :56, you are guaranteed to make it to class if you follow the guidelines I discussed.

I also learned that sprint-jumping really is not that much faster than simply sprinting. It saves some time, yes, but it isn’t much in the long run. Imo not worth the extra amount of hunger it takes.

This was a pretty fun experiment to run, and I definitely learned a lot. I hope you all found it interesting too :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. for anyone wondering how long I spent on this, if you add up the total amount of time it is 79.96 (or around, I think I hit a couple wrong buttons on my calculator lol). If you also add the time to get back to the EH, start the guides, record the numbers, etc. I probably spent around 1 hour and 20 minutes on this. There you go, in case you wondered how far I’m willing to go for science.


Bro the dedication- good job :sparkling_heart:

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Wow, amazing. I always wondered what class was the longest to get to! Thanks for the hard work!

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Fascinating information, thanks for creating and running the experiment!

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New fun part of the experiment that I could possibly help you run: gather an average of say 10 runs each for the staircase-
This could be made much simpler by running the times that it takes skipping the staircase, gathering the average it takes to redirect them, and adding that time to the total?

That’s a really good idea, which I did consider, but the issue is the stairs stay in the same position until someone moves them. Meaning someone would have to wait between each separate run. My thought was if anyone is actually using this chart, they can just add 15 seconds to be safe. However, if you are interested in figuring out the average and think it would be helpful, I can definitely help with it.

(Not sure if it pinged you so @SJAOM)