LeoCea Styles! For all your skins and accessory needs!

Leopold and Alicea have opened up a designs shop called LeoCea Styles. It would be equivalent to Gucci and Prada!

Example Designs:

image image

How it works:

  1. You need to come to Alegria IRP and come into the shop to buy a ticket
  2. If I am in game I will be happy to RP that out and would prefer to!
  3. When ordering and buying skin designs PLEASE BE VERY DESCRIPTIVE! I can only make what you tell me.
  4. There are prices for all types! If you are confused please DM me on Discord and ill let you know what to buy


First Shop on the left after walking into the gates of Alegria!



I have to say, receiving a scarf from this maginificant shop, I was very impressed. The fabric is not only the finest silk of all Mordonia, but is complimented by a vibrant, flourishing red. All items are hand sown and decorated by the past King and Queen of Mordonia, who are obviously very skilled in all areas.

LeoCea Styles is going to become an iconic figure thoughout the five Kingdoms, with word alread spreading. If I was you, I’d buy it while it’s cheap, I hear that with popularity comes higher prices! Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies are already dressing in these awestriking garments. Do you want to be left behind, in the fashion industry?



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As you may see, the example design on the left was designed for Millicent Immelman (Princess of Rahsaken), and it’s quite beautiful. Perfect for any formal occasion or royal ball! There’s also another dress that perfectly captures her magical affinity that will be worn at a later date and has yet to be RPed out. :>> I must say, the designs are quite beautiful, so get your fabulous outfits soon, as there’s no time to waste!


10/10 will be able to look fabulous again


Feel free to leave REVIEWS <3 Pictures of your new flashy styles are welcomed!


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How could i not be impressed with the quality41


Kath / Anais
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15/10 WOULD RECOMMEND for anyone looking for a new skin/pattern. The service delivered was almost instantaneous and I could not ask for better. I set my expectations high and yet I was still blown away. This service deserves 6 stars because of how spectacular it was. Leopold even provided a miniature cloak for my pet pig. If you’re looking for a new skin at a reasonable price, this is where to get it.


Audric Troester
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Absolutely amazing, this outfit is everything I hoped for. Leopold and Alicea are definitely skilled in their craft, and it shows with the incredible job they did. It took them a short time to do it, and did an amazing job still. I suggest this to anyone who is looking for someone as skilled as Leopold.


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OOH! Adding in that extra star because I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS NEW DRESS! :heart: LeoCea is back at it again with another order, this time a fiery number that goes with the Pyromancer staff well!


It captures the character and the affinity perfectly from the ombre tone to the golden sparks, and definitely placing more orders in the future! :heart: Totally recommend for anyone looking for a nice outfit or quality cloak!


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When I said I wanted something elegant but can be worn in a fight, I was skeptical of what Leopold could do. I am very impressed with the results. Alyson is combat ready but looking stylish af. Definitely a shop to try out and one I will return to in the future.