Leo's Lotto And Shop

So At the shop, we sell Misc. objects and such. We are adding more to the shop every day!
Directions to the shop are posted below this.

So I have Already Posted about the lotto and here’s how it will work
You would mail (my user is puppy_lover30) or come to my shop and give me one galleon and a signed book with your username and guess between 1-45 (I’ll have to mess with the 1-45 part to see whats fair) if you have multiple guesses bring or send the correct amount of galleons (1 Galleons per Guess) 7 Guesses Max. A Ticket/Guess is only valid for one round. (We will do a drawing every 3 days) If no one wins depending on the number of people who have put in tickets, the jackpot will increase. And I think that’s it let me know if I miss anything. The first drawing will be on Wednesday. Oh and here are the directions to the shop:

Do /spawn. Then go the opposite the Leaky Cauldron.
Then first Left turn there and continue on the left side.
Then you should come up to a green shop with a black strip on the bottom it’s the one before that.
Go up to the first floor and its the final one on the left.
The rules and such are also posted in the shop.

Have fun! :smiley:


Oh yay, did u get a shop! :smile:

Nope, It was my old one xD