Lilly Arima // Caitlin Lucy; June/July MIA's

Okay, here we go. This is going to be a very long list, and I don’t think people will miss me, but here’s to my fellow CAP friends (like @AppS )

-June 9th: I’m going to do a glider flight in Illinois. I wasn’t going to include this, but it’s CAP related, so why not? I should be on Saturday evening but unsure.

-June 22-24th: I’m going to Indiana Encampment RST. I won’t have my laptop or phone with me at all, but it isn’t that long so eh.

-June 30th-July 7th: I’m going to Remote Controlled Airplanes Academy in Wisconsin. We’re going to build a bunch of airplanes, and also have a 4th of July celebration. I won’t be on at all this week.

-July 8th-July 14th: I’m going to be at Indiana Encampment, and won’t be on at all this week. It’s great, hopping from one event to the next, ain’t it?

-July 22nd-29th: I’m going to be at Honor Guard Academy in Virginia. We learn about colorguard and funeral stuff.

I probably messed up a few of those days, but that’s the basic gist. I’ll be gone 3 weeks this Summer, and also probably a few days besides that. I also will be gone on my standard Thursdays.

Good luck!

First Off, Luck to you!
Second, I was born in Illinois!