Looking for a wife for a Prince - Thalsted

Hey there guys! The Lettieres are looking for a girl to become the next Queen of Thalsted when that time comes. Branson Lettiere is the next in line for the Thalsted throne so ladies this is your chance if you want or are interested in being heavily involved in RP this just might be the best position for you. Please fill out the application below. He is currently 10 Years old IRP if you would like more information here is a link to his lore - http://discourse.knockturnmc.com/t/branson-marcus-lettiere/6587

Roleplay Name:
RP Age:
Rank or rank you wish to be:
Short info on background / family :

We will close the applications once the person is chosen , this will be a family decision. I would like to have a non “staffy” person but as they are the most active anyone can apply! If you have any questions PLEASE let me know.



Roleplay Name: Vexa Delacroix
Ign: Govanni
RP Age: 10
Kingdom: Rahsaken
Rank: Tempestarii
Family/Background information: I am currently an orphan who is starting to notice her magical powers as a Tempestarii. She is looking for a family, and someone to spend the rest of her life with, she still needs to understand the meaning of a home as she never had one.
Active: All the time.

Roleplay Name: Emily Winter
Ign: Hockeymaster164
RP Age: 9
Kingdom: Rahsaken
Rank or rank you wish to be: Currently unknown
Short info on background / family: Emily is an Orphan. She had 4 sisters, until one fell down a well and died. One of them is travelling and will not return for a long time. Her other sister, Named Laila, is good friends with Millicent Immelman. for more info, Emily Beatrice Winter

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Roleplay Name: Lavender Cardia
IGN: RealityIsQuiet
RP Age: 9 Years Old
Kingdom: DeVita
Rank or Rank you wish to be: Forger (Or Druid, I’m currently trying to get both skills up)
Short Info On Background/Family: Lavender is a 9 year old born-Cardia who lives in Alegria. Her sister, Sapphire, is the Kingdom ruler, and her other sister, Sabelyne, is a sorcerer. Her parents are Brishen and Ember Cardia. Her family is basically all mages. For a little more information on her; Lavender Rose Cardia

Thank you for considering me!


Roleplay Name: Leona Kaelin
Ign: Pengauno
RP Age: 7, but I’d be willing to age jump
Kingdom: DeVita
Rank or rank you wish to be: Spy
Short info on background / family : Leona is the daughter of Sasha Kaelin and Unieane Kaelin (rip). Leona loves to explore and meet new people, and enjoys being with her brother, Ashton
Leona Kaelin

Thanks everyone we found someone to fill this role!

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