Looking For Children!

Oliver Rosza + Lily Dragomir, Are getting Married And We Are Looking To Adopt Or Have A Child.
There Arnt realy many requirements apart from,

  1. You Have To Been In Askaria or Join Askaria
  2. You Have To Be 7 or under

We will love are children so much and if you want to be part of a close family you will enjoy yourself soo much

Please Message me on discord at Oliver 8678 or Kingwolfy2005 in game or on here,

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Oliver- work on your spelling. XD *Our


xD Ik I’m terrible okay

u forgot to mention “Arnt” “realy” and ending almost every sentence with a ,

XD I’m a retired member of the grammar police…

I’m So Bad With Spelings

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Here, I’ll make my own… xD