Looking for Helpers and Mods!


Looking for helpers and moderators!

TLDR; We are looking for more helpers and moderators to join the staff team!

Helpers and moderators are vital to keep the server running. They are the first line between players and staff and help out new players. In addition, moderators help navigate rule breaking, chat violations, build violations, and vote on staff applications. Both helpers and moderators need to have proficient knowledge about the server, including getting started, casting spells, attending classes, and completing quests.



  • Be 2Y+
  • Have proficient knowledge about the server


  • Guiding new players who enter the server
  • Answering helpop tickets
  • Helping those asking for it on all chats

For more info about being a helper, please check How to be a Helper



  • 2Y+
  • proficient knowledge about the server


  • Moderating chat for rulebreakers
  • Voting on staff applications
  • Helping Newbs
  • Supporting Helpers
  • Checking for build violations
  • Forums management

If you’re interested in either role, apply on the Staff Applications category.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #help on Discord!