Looking for parents! - Alexander Navarra - Mordonia (Read for more infomation)

Hi Guys, Once again I’m looking for loving parents. I will be making a brand new character speicaly for this role so keep in mind Alexander Navarra is not your new child, Of course id love to be a royal or nobal child :wink: But either way I need to some loving kind parents, Id like not to be adopted if possible and a family who like to rp as I’m heavily into rp’ing although its hard to find people who like to rp a lot! I would prefer not to be part of Devita as currently there is a war! To become my parents here is a small application you can fill to become my parents! -

Rp Name:
Rp Last Name:
Rp Age:
Royal? Noble? Normal?:
When irp will I be born? (or adopted but birth is preferred)

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ew maybe
jk ily oli

Lel, just imagine if Lily adopted you. You’d be your last character’s kid.

Lol, Like just ew xD

Username: UmbreonQueen
Rp Name: Umbreon

Rp Last Name: Orabella

Rp Age: 24

Kingdom: Thalsted

Town: Bella

Royal? Noble? Normal?: Normal

When irp will I be born? In a month or two