Looking for RP parent(s) [Mord]

Hi, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet by saying that Amelia wants some parents and the rest is just extra information. She is 7 years old, nearly 8, and loves the idea of using a sword. Over the past 8 or 9 IRP months, she has been training to be able to have a good technique with a sword and get stronger. This is so she doesn’t have to use a mop or wooden play sword. However, she isn’t exactly good with weapons because what do you expect from a 7-year-old? Anyways, also over the past year, she has been trying to get forgiven by Walter Nash for terrorising his children (she doesn’t know he’s dead.) Finally, if you’re interested in adopting Amelia then fill out this:

RP name:
RP rank:
RP age:
Kingdom and town: (Preferably Honneur in Rahsaken)
Timezone: (Preferably GMT, but I can probably get online to rp with other timezones)

P.S If you apply for this, please be active and able to rp pretty often :smiley:


daughter away from uhhhh father?


jk you do you bob

I would, but Knockturn won’t load for meh anymore… :sob::sob: