Looking for (texture) Artists!



The Knockturn texture artists team is really small ;n; So we are searching for talented people who want to join us!

"But, what do texture artists do?"
Well, we create the models and textures for the server so it looks unique and different from the normal minecraft texture pack

"I can draw but I can’t do 3D models"
That’s okay! The texture artists also create 2D items!

This is a great opportunity for you if you like drawing, doing 3D things and using your creativity!


If you have questions, reply to this post or DM me on Discord (Lunch#3222) and I’ll answer them! ;D

Texture Artists Head


I for one am very interested in this, so~

First, what software/computers do you guys use? I’m on a Mac and having difficulties trying to organize the softwares and teach myself to figure it out.

and are there any texture artists that work on Mac?


I work on mac and although I’m not an official texture artist I have made a few practice textures. I use GIMP for 2d textures, and CubikStudio for 3d textures. :smiley:


I use paint. net to make the textures :wink: But if you can’t download it I would recommend you GIMP (Idk how to use it lol but I heard it’s good)


gimp is actually quite simple and I can show you how to use it if you’d like. There are also a few good videos online but they teach you a bunch of stuff you do not need to know for texturing.


join the sqkawd :>


That’d be great, yes I have gimp but am unclear how to use it lol, when are you usually online, and what’s your discord? If I can figure it out, I’ll apply for texture artist squad xD


My discord is Goose#8201, and I am usually online after 4:30 PM EST on weekdays and anytime in the afternoon / evening on weekends.


I’d like to but idk if I’m good enough xD


Oh my, Bob Ross was my inspiration to try painting xD Where is the Bob-Ross-Afro, @Lunch ?!


I can’t draw. :frowning: