Lore Team - Bobby Boi

(MAKE TITLE: Role - Firstname Lastname)
ie: Professor - Bellona Spiritus

Minecraft Username: TheLamboo

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Bobby Boi

Real-Life Age: 13

Timezone: AEST

Hogwarts Year: (Y2+ for all roles except Lore) Year 4.

Do you have Discord?: (REQUIRED) I sure do!

If you have Discord, what is your username?: Lamb#4786

Do you have an account in Knockturn’s Gitea?: (REQUIRED) Yep!

How long have you been on the server?:: 2 years, 7 months and 18 days.

Why should we pick you for this role?: (If applying for YouTube team, please include any familiarity with recording and editing software.)
I’ve thought about applying for this role for some time now. I admire the way the Lore Team create some awesome quests and unique classes, and I wondered what it was like to be a part of the team. When I saw that they needed a few more Lore members, I decided it might be a good time to apply. My writing skills are up to scratch and I feel that I could take on just about any task that I’m assigned. I will make sure that I don’t make any spelling mistakes and will correct any if I do. I am a very active member of the community and this will give me something to look forward to every day.

Have You been Staff Before?: Yes, I am currently a helper.

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?: Not really, but thanks for taking a few minutes to read this application! Have a great day.


You’ve been accepted! Please wait to receive a writing test.

Congrats! You’ve been accepted to Knockturn Networks Staff! Now you need perms. Here is what needs to happen before you’re officially on the team:

If your application changes from Accepted to Permissions-Granted before you have all these perms, please contact an admin+ and get the missing perms!

If you ask for perms before you get permission granted, this application will be denied.

Welcome to the team! :relaxed: