Lore Team - Julian Richards


(MAKE TITLE: Role - Firstname Lastname)
ie: Professor - Bellona Spiritus

Minecraft Username:

Hogwarts Roleplay Name:
-Julian Richards

Real-Life Age:


Hogwarts Year: (Y2+ for all roles except Lore)

Do you have Discord?: (REQUIRED)

If you have Discord, what is your username?:

How long have you been on the server?:
-I have been here for two years, the first time I joined June 28th, 2017

Why should we pick you for this role?:
-In all my time on Knockturn I always want to be able to make a difference to the server, and I have always loved to read and write. I am a very active player, I’m usually on every day, and hope to make a positive impact on the server

Have You been Staff Before?:
-I was a builder, and helper on another server

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?:
-I usually help my friends with writing work anyway, so I would love to continue that, and make it my profession in this server

closed #2

Unfortunately, your application was not accepted since you are banned from applying for staff due lying about age previously.