Losing %100 XP from server change

When a student is forced to year down, from their year, to year 5, give them the XP they lost when being forced by a server implemented change. Context is, I was year 6 had separate nv and life was bliss, then I returned to knock turn to find I couldn’t attend classes to get XP and that I’d have to year down to year 5, losing all the XP it took to get to year 6, and losing access to many spells I have nv including apparate. Why should I and few unlucky others have to grind to %100 do again and lose all that XP, I’m more than happy to do my owls to pass the year, but being forced to grind the XP just so I can keep playing on the server is a big deterrent from playing on knock turn.

Why it will be good:
Stops people from unnecessary grinding and quitting the server when told to year up and repeat the year they already grinded for.

How it will work in code/other functions
Give the students the missing XP

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Any staff online shouldn’t take much take much time
Which server?

For that matter, your spell XP remains on your spells.
The spells you cannot cast anymore are the ones that are now locked by year lock (aka their tier is higher than 11 (year 5*2 + 1))

I am confused as to what experience is being lost. If you mean the Experience for yearing up, that experience is known to be lost, but should be regained during classes. If it’s not regained, maybe we should rethink some of the exp from classes. If you mean spell exp, no spell experience is lost when you year down, not only would that be annoying to implement so therefore me, the lazy dev, wouldn’t do it, but we didnt think it would be fair to take spell exp from users.

Yeah it is only an issue of experience for yearing up. and (from what i think it the cause) me yearing down has caused me to not receive any xp from classes, so im screwed