Losing experience when entering towny

Support Ticket

After entering towny and returning to Hogwarts I had noticed I was not able to ride my broom any longer. Upon further inspection of my profile I noticed that my broom experience had dropped to level 3 (originally level 10) and my experience had been lowered to 73% when it had been originally had been at 100%. I had lost some House Points but I’m not sure on exactly how many I lost (don’t worry about it, don’t really mind the absence of points).

Request for Solution
If you could restore these stats, that would be amazing.

Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here. (I could not find

bug report ( Bobby was having the same issues)
and my broom experience was not originally level 10, but instead level five.

Hi please make a /helpop ticket when you see an owner online on hogwarts! :slight_smile:

Broom levels and exp restored.