Losing Inventory from a Setback

Support Ticket

Things in Inventory being deleted/lost after the server has been reverted by a few hours
The server had another restore thingy which they do very often now, and without warning which is annoying too. Chests are not set back, they stay as what they had after the setback, meaning when i took out some of my books out of my chest, and into my inventory, and then the server reset back i lost them. Also, I lost 2 books which i can’t rebuy since that shop is now gone.

Request for Solution
Maybe, add like a 10-20 minute warning before time, so people can put their valuables into chests so they don’t get deleted.

Link To Related Bug Report

Please state the list of items you lost due to restart. In your case, the books, what were their names and any extra information that could help us (where you bought them, etc).

Additionally, planned restarts are always announced ahead with enough time. You lost items due server crash, with which, unfortunately, we cannot do anything but to hope items lost are replaceable.

most server crashes are due to a bug in 1.13, when we move to 1.14 we hope this will not be the case.

Books where Standard book of spell 1, 2 and 3. and the 2 books which i can no longer rebuy where “transfig.spells.1” and “transfig.spells.2”. the transfig 1 spells contained basic transfig ones, such as stick to arrow, milk to water etc, and the second transfig spells book had 2 sections, first was object to animal transfiguration, such as Soci de Nix and Squiggello, and the second section of it was tier 11 spells, such as Human to bird, and Human to cow. These 2 books came from a shop above Ollivanders from a long while back, like… a year ago i think, but now that shop has been removed and replaced with a shop opened by Pandette.

unless we can find someone with a copy, books are impossible to replace as their content is only stored on the item stack.

Well, is there any transifguration books with loads of transfig spells u can recommend to me in the meanwhile then?

not that i know of, except the new ones that will be coming out when i finish my transfig rewrite…