Lost a chainsaw and pet rock(tm) in towny

Support Ticket

When the notice about losing items in towny came out, I didn’t think I had lost anything of importance, but today in a potions class I saw the pet rock™ in the ingredients cabinet. I remembered that last year for the secret santa event (I think it was last year), I was gifted a pet rock and a chainsaw, which I had carried with me everywhere until I needed inventory space, but I realised I had left them both in towny :frowning:

Request for Solution
Please give me my chainsaw and pet rock back

Link To Related Bug Report
Caused due to towny going down I think

What was the # of your chainsaw?

I don’t really remember the # of my chainsaw, sorry. I just know it was a red one from halloween iirc

Please make a helpop next time you see an owner online ^-^

Items returned to player.