Lost Broom - FBS

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Describe the issue
A few weeks ago I lost my FBS (Firebolt supreme) whilst flying because when I pressed Q to dismount it left my inv. (Yes I looked around the area I dismounted)
I would’ve made the ticket sooner but originally was told in a helpop not to bother because it would not be returned because it was a player error however I saw a ticket was made earlier after someone lost their broom the same way and it was returned to them.

Request for Solution
What you think is the correct Solution
Have my broom returned

Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.

In this case it was a person who ran into a wall and pressed Q at the same time, but I will leave this to the discretion of @staff to make a decision on this. Also if someone could lemme know how to ping just hogwarts stuff, or fiddle with the settings so i can (bc i got too much to do and people have ability to do that) please fix that.