Lost inventory due to a possible bug

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I’m not sure if this is in the wrong forum, but I don’t know exactly how to reproduce the bug. Sorry in advance.

I was at hagrids, and I started a game of snaps. One person joined, and I quit the snaps game. (It was lagging a bit too if that matters) I was kinda confused, because there was nothing in my inventory even after I quit the game. When the game started, I was still in it (with cards), so I played a turn and then quit again. There was nothing in my inventory. I tried to quit again, because I thought I might have still been in the game, but it said I wasn’t in the game, or “I wasn’t snapping”. I reloaded and still nothing. I lost my comet 290, wand, 106g, my snaps deck, a diamond pickaxe with mending/unbreaking 3, some cauldron cakes, my pet leash, 4 greenhouse 3 portkeys, and some other things that I forgot about.

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If I could possibly maybe have a few of my items back, that would be great. I have a few extra wands, so that’s ok.

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I couldn’t find it anywhere in the forums.


Probably an issue because you quit the snaps game before it started, please also report this on gitea

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