Lost Items in a Snaps Game

I died in a fire while playing snaps and i lost all of my items in my inventory ._.

I’m using 1.12.2

I dont know if i could get my stuff back but i had: 1 starsweep 21 (quid team can verify) 1 owl, 1 toad, a pet leash, 1 wand (thestral hair core and english oak wood) , 21 galleons, and standard spell books 1-3. a honeysuckle, a bucket, a snaps deck, 20 cauldron cakes and 50 potatoes.

ign - MommyLongLegs

You don’t loose your pets when dying, they’re saved, just get another leash.

Oh, thank you!

I forgot to add i had 54 floo but its not that important

Items owl’d to player except wand. Please make a helpop when an admin+ is online. @mommylonglegs

Ty :smiley: tysm :>>