Lost items in Kuppa Junk

Support Ticket

I lost most of my items after a shop was closed down. The shop was a inn of sorts that people could pay to have an area to live in and store items, whether it be temporary or permanent. It should be noted that I did pay to have a permanent area of residence in the shop. I used this area for as long as I played and put several valuables in the storage chest I was given. The shop’s name was called the Kuppa Junk but I believe it’s defunct currently, as the chest in my area of the shop is gone and the shop is currently for sale. The shop was located in London, and it currently has a sign saying “lshop193” next to it.

I don’t know if this helps at all, but my ign is “FuzbolMC” and my discord is FuzbolDiscord#4028

Request for Solution
Getting my items back would be the best solution, even if only partially. If this is not possible then I don’t really know what else can be done.

So this region was cleared because of inactivity of the original owner. Even though you paid them for a residence, that was between you and them so since they went inactive, the region was cleared to be resold by the server staff. In that process, your chest would have been deleted unfortunately. Do you know what you had stored there? We cannot replace your items because this wasn’t caused by a bug or other server issue, but I may be able to help give suggestions on how to replace things quickly.

The big thing I remember storing there was a bunch of wands and some books, maybe some potion ingredients as well but I don’t really remember too much else. Really I was just hoping for the wands to be recovered, but I guess that’s not possible in this situation so that’s a bit of a bummer. Fortunately, I actually stored my money in my enderchest so I can likely replace most of the other stuff stored there, so I am good on that end.

I do appreciate you clarifying the situation. I actually didn’t know if the chest contents had been moved/deleted so this was kind of a relief for me.

Thank you for your help!