Lost lots of profile data when switching to Towny

Support Ticket

A few people have had the issue of losing a few experience points and some house points too. I had this issue when running /switch to go to Towny. I lost:
Year 5: I got placed in Year 4 again.
200 house points: I was on 898 house points when I left last night and now I am on 698.
Experience: I was on about 12% exp in Year 5 and got put down to 91% exp and in Year 4.
Last name: I changed from Bobby House to Bobby Boi and then recently changed to Bobby Slughorn, but from this bug I’ve been changed back to Bobby Boi.

Request for Solution
I’d like my house points returned, my name changed, my year changed and exp returned if possible. Hopefully my classes are saved but if they aren’t I have proof (I sent it to Hari already) of my class checklist.

Link To Related Bug Report


Lol this is not a towny problem butr would happen when switching to any server as this is a KnockturnCore issue as explained here.
@TheLambohrginiPlease make a helpop next time you see an owner online ^-^

Converted back to Yr5 and fixed lastname issue. Points should also be back to normal(?)