Lost My Stuff After Dying During Snaps Game


  • Has this already been reported in the forum? -> I’m not sure
  • Is this request for items back for a known bug? ->i dont know if its known but yes
  • Is this a request for a missing donation shop item? -> no
  • Is this related to a plugin not run by Knockturn? -> no
  • If this something related to you being a dumb ass? Report it to support. maybe a little bit

Title your posts - - [Plugin] i was playing snaps and never got my stuff back

What is the Bug?: I lost my stuff when playing a snaps game. I was casting episkey for the first time and i was already low health from posion (half a heart). I was playing snaps and i accidently touched a toadstool. I never got my stuff back from the game. Please help me.

What version of Minecraft are you using?: 1.11.2

Steps to reproduce bug:

  • Low Health
  • Played snaps
  • touched a toadstool on accident

IGN: DreamingDragon

Did you relog? yes

This is a known bug. Moving to Support, please post a list of the items you lost then contact an Admin+ ingame using /helpop to retrieve your items.

Hiya, this happened to me too, but I made a post with all my stuff I lost. I never got the stuff back .-.

@Twinight Please do not necro post, this post has been d3ad for 11 months