Lost Stuff from Mining/Towny

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When towny was reset I lost a few items that would save me a lot of grind now in the early days.
I know some of these are “mundane” but It took me quite a while to get them.

-15k in towny bal (this has already been replaced by Daniel)
-2 double chests of wheat
-9 stacks of Hay Bales
-5 stacks (16) of eggs
-5 stacks of cocoa beans
-15 bookshelves
-1 enchanting table
-1 ender chest
-1 Stack of lanterns
-6 Powered rails
-1 Detector rail
-5 Droppers

And I think these are the most important. The rest I can mine and grind again.

Request for Solution
I would like to have them back, please!

Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.

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Hi! Please make a /helpop ticket when an owner is online so that your items can be returned :slight_smile:

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Items returned to player.

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