Lost stuff in Shop Sign / Jade Potter

Support Ticket

I keep on loosing stuff in shop signs, it bugs out from the page it was in and I can’t get it back

Request for Solution
get the stuff back from an owner

stuff I lost
a few hundred cobblestone, lots of different types of wood, 197 peace disturbers, signs, different color wools, portkeys… I might remember more when the owner gives stuff back

If you keep loosing stuff why do you keep putting more stuff in, if I may ask? Also please give more detail as in what shop it’s happening in, how are you putting your stuff in, clicking on pressing numbers? Do you hear a sound when you put the stuff in?

first of all, I thought it won’t happen since most stuff weren’t doing that, second, it’s happening in the shop sign in floo PJMJ, third I am pressing on the thing I’m putting in and then later I put that same thing in and then It goes to the first page unlike others that go to the page they’re supposed to, then I realize it dissapeared, fourth I have MC muted, ty for the responce

Please make a /helpop when your online when an owner is also online so that we’re able to return your stuff thx :slight_smile:

Items have been returned to owner.