Lost Turbina due to Quidditch crash

Support Ticket

When Quidditch crashed during my Ravenclaw quidditch practice, my turbina disappeared. I allowed Bess Poke to borrow the broom, and right before the crash, she switched back to her own broom. When we logged back onto quidditch after a restart, the broom was gone. We searched the whole pitch just in case it dropped, and it wasn’t in either of our inventories.

Request for Solution
Hopefully I can get my broom back (Turbina V)

Link To Related Bug Report
Not reported, but it is known Quidditch continues to crash, and duplicate brooms or what not.

Just to clarify, I apologize again. But a few days later someone gave me some bread on quid, quid then crashed and all the bread was gone. I’ve come to believe if you are holding something of someone else’s and quid crashes, said object is loss