Madame Meow's Hotel

Come visit Madame Meow’s Hotel!
What we are all about!
Here you will experience quality with knockturnmc’s first hotel owner! Downstairs we have a cozy fireplace and tables for you to catch up with friends as you catch a bite to eat. All of the available rooms have windows showing knockturn alley’s beauty as well as a bed, double chest, crafting table, and a furnace.
To book, msg/owl Meow [MeowMagic] Malfoy in game!
To get here:
Floo: Hotel
Walking: Take knockturn alley entrance by the joke shop. Walk down the stairs to the second landing, leaving the hotel immediately on your right!
Apparate: 4906 62 7598
Hotel Policy: If you leave your stuff and don’t extend your time, your surrendering your right to your stuff, so please grab it on your last paid day! <3