Magi: The World of Magic

Hello again! New roleplay time. This may seem a little extraneous to some of you, but if anyone is interested in the show this gets its inspiration from, I highly recommend it. Anyway, here’s a short explanation of the universe if you don’t have the time to watch it:

Magi takes place in a world full of magic and wonders that can’t be explained. Rokh is the essence of life, (basically ki or spirit energy) A person’s Rokh shows their true nature. Dark rukh shows that someone has been corrupt and become evil, while bright Rokh shows someone’s innocence and good intentions. Seeing Rokh is limited only to magicians and Magis though. A Magi is called the “sorcerer of creation” because they can call upon Rokh from all living things. Throughout time they have chosen kings and queen most worthy to inherit a throne based on morals, power, intelligence and whatever other traits they feel are necessary. All Rokh can be channeled into Magoi (however anyone, not a Magi is only limited to their own personal Rokh.). Magoi can be used to do incredible things such as magic for magicians or controlling metal vessels for normal people. What’s a metal vessel you ask? They are basically an item of important personal value and are made of metal. However, they only appear on those who have cleared a dungeon and proven worthy to call upon the Gjinn inside. For more info on Djinns, go here: When you have a metal vessel in your possession, this makes you a king’s candidate. A king’s candidate is exactly what it sounds like. They are someone who is competing for the ultimate position of ruler of the world. However, only a Magi can decide who is the most worthy. Every king’s candidate can also have “household members”. They can also channel the candidate’s Djinn’s powers but not directly. Basically they use their own Magoi to used magic produce by the same Gjinn, making their affinity the same as their king’s cadidate’s. Household members are similar to a candidate’s most trusted friends who support them in battle and during their campaign to become King. However not every household member uses a household vessel. Some of them are magicians who are incapable of using a household vessel because the impure Magoi would result in the Gjinn being interfered with by the magician. The affinities of magic are as follows: Heat/fire, water/ice, light/illusion, life/pant, wind/storm, sound, gravity, calamity/destruction.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way… We can set the stage for this roleplay! (Sorry for the long intro, bear with me.) Basically, There are two neighboring countries who have been at war for two decades. The Magis from each country has decided that in order to end the bloodshed, they will need to dissolve both countries and for one new world superpower. To do this they have King’s candidates from all over show up to compete for this ultimate throne. In this roleplay, you may either play as a candidate or someone’s household member. You’ll be tested in several different ways to prove to both Magis that you are worthy of this position.

Here’s the format to join:
RP Name:
RP Age:
RP Gender:
General Description:
Candidate/Household: (pick one.)
Affinity: (For both mages and Gjinns. Pick one for now, unless you are a magician. 3 max)
Allies: (Who is in your household, or who you represent.)

Here’s my character:
RP Name: Licht Dracma
RP Age: 28
RP Gender: Male
General Description: Licht is fairly tall (5’ 10") and has a muscular build. He has emerald green eyes and sleek gray hair. He has a quiet attitude and isn’t much of a talker. However, he’s a great teacher and tends to give his rivals and opponents more help then he should. He rarely loses, however, since he is one of only 3 people in the entire world who controls more than one Gjinn.
Candidate/Household: Candidate
Affinity: Wind (Gjinn Raijin), Light (Gjinn Zhulong)
Allies: Household: Adam Lockheart.
(I am acting as the power ceiling, so don’t copy the two Djinns.)

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RP Name: Adam Lockheart
RP Age: 21
RP Gender: male
General Description: (pic) he’s quick and his punches a pretty good, his gloves are his household vessel. He loyal, sometimes alittle rash but tries to think things over before charging in. He fights hard and is willing to protect and fight for Licht as he saved his life.
Candidate/Household: House hold
Affinity: wind
Allies: licht dracma

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