Magical Runaways RP

I noticed that there are not any active roleplays so I decided to make one (I’m so sorry if this is posted in the wrong category).

This idea was inspired by the TV show “Runaways” of which I have seen a total of zero episodes, but I have heard some about it from friends.

PLOT: A group of teenagers and young adults with vastly different lives end up meeting for unknown reasons. Each of them have a different backstory but they have two things in common: all of them are runaways, and all of them have magical powers. As they begin to trust each other and learn more about each other’s lives, they soon start to uncover secrets. Dangerous secrets.


  1. Your character can have any power (or a combination of separate powers that form one main power) that you want them to have. Try to make sure that your character isn’t too OP and isn’t able to take over the world by themself.
  2. Your character must be between the ages of fourteen to twenty-two and should be a human with normal human features (meaning your character cannot be an eight foot giant with one eye).
  3. Please make sure you participate in this thread semi-actively if you enter and make sure you keep things open for others to participate in. Meaning, don’t have a conversation between only two or three people for twenty replies.

Age (14-22):
Physical Descriptions (Hair, Eyes, Build, etc.):
Super Power (can be anything but some examples: Superstrength, Invisibility, Telepathy, Shapeshifting, Psychokinesis, X-Ray Vision, Teleportation, Flying, Superspeed, Fire, Ice, etc.):
Character Background:

I will have a character in this roleplay and I also will be acting as the gamemaster as needed to help move the plot along. If you have a plot idea you want to incorporate, go for it, as long as it doesn’t interrupt something that another player has started.

Good luck, and if you have any questions or any comments please put them in parenthesis (like this) to differentiate from the roleplay in your comment.


Name: Lilly Arima
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Physical Descriptions: White skin. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Slightly thin build. 5"3 and 110 lbs. Generally wears plain blouses, skinny jeans, and running shoes. Always carries a plain black backpack.
Super Power: Invisibility.
Family: Lilly has a mom, a dad, and a little brother named Jake who is eleven.
Character Background: Lilly always had a happy life, or so everybody thought. She learned to put on a mask and avoid talking to people to keep them from finding out the truth about herself and her family. By the time she turned sixteen, she could no longer take it, and ran away from home. She swore to get revenge on her parents for everything they did to her and to rescue her little brother. She is quiet but is more open as you get to know her. She is often bossy, arrogant, and tends to try to be the leader. However, she also is very caring and puts others before herself. She uses her powers as a way to help others, but avoids using them too often to prevent being caught.

(More details about Lilly will be revealed throughout the roleplay).

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Name:Rachel Richards
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Physical Descriptions: 5’2, White (kind of tan), Long wavy/curly hair, forest green eyes, average build, straight pearly white teeth. **
Super Power: Nature (Can manipulate nature to comply to her will).
Family: Rachel lives with her father, and is a only child
Character Background: Rachel has always enjoyed helping people, and being there for others, and always goes out of her way to do so. Recently, her father has grown cold and distant, and always lashes out at her for the simplest request, and has started spending lots of time in his office in the basement. Rachel was scared, partly of her father, but mainly from the whispers and voices she hears in the basement from her room. One day, Rachel silently sneaks into the basement, and is frozen by shock at what she see’s. Her father has been imprisoning people, and using chemicals to try and mutate them into having abilities, when his subjects fail, he locks them away and tortures them in his rage. Rachel sneaks away before her father can see her, and quickly runs to her room, where she clears out her duffel bag onto the floor. Rachel quickly packs away everything she will need, and flee’s from the house, her father, informed by the mysterious voices in the basement, bellows in rage, and now spends his days spending money to send mercenaries to track her down and bring her back to him. Rachel is a open, and trusting person, which in her case, can lead to her demise, she also gets nervous easily, and jumpy at loud sounds, she is a natural born leader, but is too afraid to lead. Rachel swore the night she left, that she will make her father pay for his crimes

(If these have to be out Knockturn characters, sorry I’ll change it, I plan to get a name change soon to Rachel Richards anyways, I have already submitted the application to change my gender, and I am waiting for towny to be back up, since i have the name change money there)

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