Making Skins

Hello! I like to make (mordonia) skins, and a lot of people have been DMing me about it lately so I thought it’d be easier just to make a post.

If you want a skin, here’s some stuff I’ve made






Depending on how complicated it is, it can cost or not. If ya want a skin, fill this out: (this is mordonia skins only)

RP Name:
Discord (if you have it):
Description of what you want:
How old is your char:

@Muzika @Jasmine @AlexRog
yo pls fill that out and reply to this so I can keep track.


RP Name: Alexandros Nesimi
IGN: Muzika
Discord (if you have it): Muzika#6426
Description of what you want: Green eyes red hair pale skin, regal yet bada**
How old is your char: right now, 8 but this is for when i’m around 18-20



And a sneak peak of what it looks like


RP Name: Daisy Thorner
IGN: Daisy_Doggy
Discord (if you have it): The Doggsterrr#1332 (you already have it but)
Description of what you want: if possible, I’d like daisy (the skin im in rn) to be in like a dress (like the maiden ones the females wore in the medieval days), and also I’d love another skin with like pajamas or like a shirt and pants thing. I will be willing to pay if these are too complex (just not too much)
How old is your char: rn, she is 15 but I might make her 14.5 again bc my rp didn’t work. basically 15

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RP Name: Theseus Rainecourt
IGN: TwentyTwoEyes
Discord (if you have it): Alexc#4627
Description of what you want: Just a casual skin. Blond hair, (dark) green eyes, and tan skin.
How old is your char: Four

parent skin igns for reference are OllieDivine and Trash_Cant

If you need anything else feel free to contact me

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@Jasmine Here ya go! I know you didn’t reply but I managed to find your request in my dms xD


What it looks like (Dw it looks like a steve skin but it’s alex)

Quick question, what program are you using to make these?

miners need cool shoes

out of curiosity, why xD

Just wanted to try and attempt to make my own skin, don’t worry, you’re not in trouble XD

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There ya go! If you want anything changed DM me



Here’s your dress, wasn’t sure what to do for pajamas so that one hasn’t been started yet. I did rah-rah colors cause I’m 80% sure you live in Honneur xD




I do live in honneur! Thank you so so much, Daisy looks adorable~
Also for pajamas I mean like a shirt and shorts or something <3


10/5 stars rating, bro knows what she doing. would definitely recommend <33

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RP Name:None till tomorrow
Discord (if you have it):Clockwork#4107
Description of what you want:I want a male like mage with blue eyes and brown hair like a newt style if that is fine ^-^ can be in a robe idm :smiley:
How old is your char:19.

RP Name: William Feistkorn // aka; your long lost son :confused:
IGN: OddOllie123
Discord: Oliver8678
Description: Blue eyes, silver/gray hair. (My profile pic is a good description :D) Something which fits with the temperature of Erastia but generally something a noble child would wear, though something more adult like since you child is all grown up :wink: if u need more info on it I can always try scrap some good idea’s together to help you out with it! (Also loving that skin you made for Tori :smiley: )
Age: Urrrrrr… - I believe 16, but can u make the skin for someone who looks 19 cause the age skip.

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Name: Gandelf Sapia
IGN: CactuSlayerNo1
Description: Medium lengthed, scruffy, silver hair with dark green eyes and slightly tanned skin. He wears a normal bakers clothing for medieval times and has a scar going down the outside of his right arm. If you need more details contact me.
Age: 20

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(aw thx here’s another one xD)


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Here you are! Sorry it took so long, I’ve had a lot going on.



Thanks! It’s amazing

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