Marcus Ignis vs. Kannari -Another battle from Fairy Tail's Return Rp

Here it is! The second battle from the Fairy Tail’s Return Rp. This time, the fight is between Marcus Ignis, the Fire shadow dragon slayer, and Kannari, the Earth devil slayer! So far the battle is even, with neither able to land a hit (or just not trying).

Here’s a run down of there abilities:
Marcus, was originally a fire dragon slayer. Able to control, eat, and attack with fire in the form of using abilities dragons have. After devouring Kaneki’s shadow, he was able to get a new mode. Fire shadow dragon mode, adding shadows and dark fire to his arsenal.
Kannari, originally only was able to use earth magic and plant magic. After being kicked out of her original guild, she joined a dark guild, where she learned how to change her earth magic, into earth devil slayer magic. Similar to dragon slayer magic, she can eat, control, and attack with earth/rocks in the form of devil abilities.

And now, 2 reasons they both might win! Marcus: He has had this power for MUCH longer. With Kannari just getting her devil slaying magic, he has more experience with the fire part of his magic. And second, he has the Fire shadow dragon mode. nothing more to say. Kannari: Put enough dirt on fire, and it goes out. That simple. Also, Marcus was just in a very close fight with Kaneki. meaning he still feels a bit of the pain from that, and may not be back to full strength.

  • Marcus Ignis wins no question.
  • Marcus Ignis wins, but a very close fight.
  • Tie- both lose and are out of energy at the end.
  • Kannari wins, but a very close fight.
  • Kannari wins no question.

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ehem eating any form of shadow or fire replenishes Marcus’ strength and eating any rocks with replenish Kannari’s however, rocks hold less magic power. so it will take many more rocks to match a single flame or shadow

I voted for Kannari because Marcus was tired from his previous fight, therefore making it easier to be beaten. Even though Marcus has some fire magic, Kannari can easily put it out. This proves my reasoning on why Kannari wins. The reason it was a close fight was that Marcus still was very powerful, making him close to beating Kannari, but Kannari having more energy than Marcus, is able to overpower him and beat him barely.

I vote tie because basically both sides cancel out, each having pros and cons. I think the fight would turn out with Kannari first striking Marcus, as Marcus still needs to recover and assess the foe’s strength. Both being slayers and able to eat their elements, they fight with Marcus dealing more damage and being able to dodge due to his experience with battling a fellow slayer. However, Marcus is also losing energy and strength with each battle, soon barely able to keep up with his enemy.

Kannari learns throughout the battle on how to use her earth devil slayer magic but is still very new to it, slowly adjusting. During this time, Marcus counters her attacks and uses his on her. However, at the end of the fight, both sides are in pain and need serious recovery. I call draw ;3

ehem just gonna slip in here, even tho my vote doesn’t count, I agree with Stacey. The peices fit and would make the rp more interesting. The pros and cons canceling each other out I think it’d be an even fight.

Just in case you feel like reading for more info ;D

Silently goes into a corner to throw up due to the thought of eating rocks.

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So I mainly think it’s gonna be a tie, since they’ve both used all their energy. Kanneki has Marcus pinned but Marcus is almost guaranteed to come back with more energy since it’s one of those “times of need”. Therefore I think it’ll be an extremely close tie both out of all energy at the end of the fight.

Obviously Marcus was pretty tired from the previous fight, but this is a time of need, as his powers are most powerful when it’s one of those times of need. Kanneki still having energy will most likely feel the wrath of Marcus, leaving both tired and defenseless at the end of the battle.

Kannari* xD

I don’t really have good reason to vote, since I want to intervene in the fight.


I read this as a rap battle and was disappointed :c

My reasoning is pretty much the same as Stacey, they cancel each other out. It’s like an endless game of rock paper scissors that only ends when both parties just leave because they’re sick of it. With this, I feel like they would both use up their strength trying to fight each other before anyone could make an extremely damaging blow.

Voting has closed! Thanks for all the input! The results are… It’s a tie! With @Crystal_Silver intervening. Stay tuned for the fight in the rp!