Matchday of Forfeits - Hufflepuff and Slytherin fall behind

Todays matches didn’t last long. The first one didn’t even start. Ravenclaw showed up with a full team, while Hufflepuff couldn’t bring up the 5 players minimum, even after 15 minutes overdue. Gryffindor and Slytherin came up with two teams. But after 4 minutes Slytherins seeker Chessur Prion left the pitch and didn’t show up at all, so Slytherin has to forfeit as well, after 6 minutes of a very close and exciting match. It ended with Gryffindor 140 (+ 250) - 100 Slytherin!

The current standing:

                           1. Gryffindor (+330 points)
 2. Ravenclaw (+210 points)              3. Slytherin (-80 points)
                                            4. Hufflepuff (-460 points)
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I’m not screaming, you are.


hold on…
It ended with 140 gryff and 100 snek, therefore they lost by 40 points… wouldn’t it be +150 + 40? Which is 190… unless the (+250) is what gryff currently has

Before you came back, there was a rule update. forfeit now has a punishment of 250 points instead of 150

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Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff
F: -250 / +250

Gryffindor vs Slytherin
M: 140 / 100
F: +250 / -250
Total: +390 / -150

If that makes sense.
Forfeits were upped because it was tactically better to forfeit than put a weak team because if the very very small penalty of 150.
it got changed to 250.

It would also be nice to have a format for the matches go with these announcements to make the outcome of the match clear and the current standing.

I would suggest this format

Quidditch Matches, 9th of December 2017

Insert all your text about the matches here and stuff.
After that you post the scores in clear format with a final scoreboard showing the clear layout.

Todays Scores

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
+150 / -50

Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw
+200 / +70

Current Scoreboard
1 - Hufflepuff: +200
2 - Gryffindor: +150
3 - Ravenclaw: +70
4 - Slytherin: -50

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